Video: S*n pol editor calls Rudd ‘scalp’ for ‘witchhunt, no sorry, really important story’

S*n political editor Tom Newton Dunn made an interesting and possibly Freudian slip today on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme when, while describing Theresa May’s ‘insulation’ from the Windrush scandal, he described public outrage over the forced deportation, denial of medical treatment and barring from employment of UK citizens as a ‘witch-hunt‘.

Newton Dunn quickly corrected himself – or over-corrected, since swapping ‘witch-hunt’ for ‘pursuit of the really important story’ might appear to many to be ‘laying it on a bit thick’:

Certainly the excellent EL4C, who initially ‘grabbed’ the video, thought that Mr Newton Dunn’s real opinion came out first:

el4c tnd.png

A number of Establishment politicians have also come out today with social media contributions that suggest they consider Amber Rudd a victim – an outrageous idea that dismisses the importance of the real victims of the Windrush scandal.

As Vox Political pointed out, social media commentators have not missed the significance of these lamentable offerings by such tuned-in Tory figures as Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove:

hunt rudd.png

gove rudd


That poor Amber Rudd and her friends. The Windrush scandal has been so harrowing for them – and all so the real culprit can be ‘insulated’.

And now, to cap it all off the poor dears have to put up with this witch-hunt – sorry, this pursuit of a really important story.

Clearly, we ‘little people’ just don’t know how good we’ve got it.

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  1. To show solidarity to AR and TM and rest of the Tory party make sure you vote LABOUR on 3rd

  2. I’m convinced the Tories still haven’t grasped how scandalously they have behaved. To simply not care about intentionally persecuting vulnerable British citizens is unforgivable. They still seem to think its a lot of fuss about nowt, just another political storm they can ride out. Then again they are Tories so why should I expect them to show any genuine empathy,

    They have demonstrated to the world that they are morally bankrupt and not fit to govern. I’m ashamed of our government, they are an embarrassment to the nation.

      1. … and sacrifice all our futures on the alter of austerity and political dogma.

      2. And don’t forget whilst whilst Norway used its oil for it citizens (and now has a wealth fund of a trillion plus) Thatcher used our oil (our wealth) politically to smash trade unions to bring in the era of Neo-Liberal cheap labour.
        With the Big Bang they also promoted finance capital for their city friends and ever since the Tories have been stuffing the mouths of the rich with gold!
        I once suggested having a windfall tax on big business, take £1b from each of the top 200 companies (they legally steal the surplus labour of working people so we are getting a chunk back) then pay off debt (debt is capital’s blood transfusion) and only the massive state intervention of quantitative easing (here, in the EC and US) is keeping the economy afloat as they haven’t a clue what to do.
        But we do (as an example to the World) which is why they and their chums in the media are throwing the kitchen sink and more at us.
        The old order (Neo-Liberalism) is dying.
        But the new cannot yet be born.
        Perhaps we are all being tested.
        And only the stars will ride the storm.



    ….I mentioned it once…or maybe twice, but I think I got away with it.

  4. When you said: “Windrush” I thought you said ‘Witch-hunt’…

    It’s NOT a witch hunt, it’s a really important story…

  5. Make no mistake about it. This government care not one jot about about the vast majority of the population, If you are not one of the 10% of the richest in the country they will do nothing to help you, other than maybe the odd token gesture. All they care about is there and there kinds self preservation and will stop at nothing to acheive this.

    1. Absolutely but they need to win votes so the Tories PRETEND that the rule for the people when they rule for the rich and powerful, one concrete example the Tories gave tax cuts of £145m to Hedge Funds and Hedge Funds gave £50m to the Tories and when the Tories say “national interest” READ “capitalist interest.”
      Oh and whilst we are at it with Brexit – stay in a customs union but not a single market (you have to accept the 4 Neo-Liberal Freedoms ever since Neo-Liberalism captured the EC).
      Have democratic control of labour supply where job offers are needed (so fruit pickers can come from Eastern Europe and chefs from Pakistan) and have democratic control of capital supply (countries had both of this before Neo-Liberalism).
      And for Eire/N Ireland just have two choices of one free entry for Northern Irish who just walk through and goods too (like he old Nothing to Declare/ Declare Channels) and the free Eire goods and people channel who have to show passports – people may try to use Eire as an unofficial entry point.
      Just food for thought.

  6. Yeh it’s so so sad ‘sob’ it’s not as if she’s got to sign on
    is it? anyone else would be fired & lose their pensions etc..

  7. And of course not the first time that Amber Rudd has been used as a human shield by the cowardly May. Remember when Rudd was forced into a television debate forty eight hours after her father died because May didn’t have the bottle for it?
    What price she ducks PMQs on Wednesday?

  8. I spotted the TND thing when he did it and thought , how odd, couldn’t figure it out at first…..now I see, more Westminster/media groupthink from their little bubble.
    Gallingly, TND thinks he was being really clever with his faux slip of the tongue , he wasn’t, he just made it very, very clear how totally detached from reality the Tories and their lapdog press are.
    Rudd as victim in all of this, I mean REALLY ??

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