Video: new Home Secretary Javid misleads House <10 mins into FIRST appearance

New Home Secretary Sajid Javid – supposedly the new broom to put things right at the Home Office after the racist policies of his two predecessors caused misery for thousands of Windrush citizens – started where his immediate predecessor left off.

By making a provably-untrue statement to MPs and the nation – less than ten minutes into his first appearance.

Challenged by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott about protections for Windrush-generation citizens that were knowingly removed by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, Javid responded by telling MPs that no such protections had been removed:

Ms Abbott wasted no time in pointing out the misleading nature of his claim – not in the Commons, as she was not given chance to respond, but on social media:

da sj protec

The Guardian article to which she linked made clear that not only had Theresa May removed the protections – the Tories had even presented an excuse for doing so:

graun protec

Those ‘adequate protections’ clearly were nothing of the sort, as the ensuing years of anguish and even death for Windrush citizens proved – but the fact that the government made public excuses for its decision back then proves that the protections were removed and that this was not a top-secret issue.

For Javid to resign on his first day for a breach of the same ministerial code for which his predecessor just resigned might be desirable, but it would be too much to hope for.

But as a minimum, he should be required to come back to the Commons to make a full and formal apology for his clearly and grossly misleading response.

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  1. BBC News today showed pictures New Tory Cabinet, I think I counted 17 men, 5 women (all 22 white and pretty posh or at least all wealthy) and one BAME.
    Think he should resign, 10 minutes of this political moron is enough.
    Any political imbecile who calls a Left Wing Democratic Socialist group like Momentum “Neo-Fascist” is clearly out of his depth even amongst Tory Mediocrity!
    Meanwhile if anyone from Windrush is about to be deported as we speak, the plane should be grounded, the person/s released and the people who made the decisions sacked including the person at the top!
    Time to call the Vile Tories Out!

  2. Uncle Tom, the token BM on the side of wrong, when it comes to their minority group. He starts his maiden speech with a lie!

  3. Tories Lie. That’s What Tories Do. They Lie.
    “Starting as you mean to go on” is a desirable quality in normal people … tories, not so much.

  4. Pathetic , they just can’t help themselves , Tories simply cannot tell the truth , they can only lie.
    Tory opens its mouth and LIES pour out.

    Guess Lisa Nandy will be garnering sympathy for poor Javid , just like she’s doing for Rudd , as reported over on The Canary .
    Blairite MP once again taking the side of the Tories . Just what fxxxing message does she think this is sending to Labour members and voters especially the WIndrush and their fellow compatriots . . She should be ashamed and OUT of the Party NOW .

  5. typical tory will lie through their teeth to defend selective memory. please go now before you commit serious mis direction of parliament

  6. Does Javid not realise he’s just the token “minority”? They still wouldn’t let him marry their daughter. He gets Tory points for lying but he’s not trying hard enough to become the next Prime Minister. In due course May will be stabbed in the back, the usual fate of Tory leaders (cleverly avoided by Cameron). They will then pick someone really trustworthy like Michael Gove.

  7. The truth is out,thanks to ‘The Guardian’and the Home Secretary has been caught napping early.

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