May slaps Windrush generation in face as Rudd brought back into Cabinet

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Amber Rudd

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd has returned to the Cabinet as DWP Secretary only two hundred or so days after resigning in disgrace over the impact of the Tories’ ‘hostile environment’ policies on ‘Windrush generation’ citizens and others. It has since been confirmed that a number of people died while illegally prevented from returning to the UK after being wrongly deported.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Theresa May’s desperation is no excuse for such a colossal insult to those wrongly deported, targeted or prevented from working – especially when Rudd functioned as a ‘human shield’ to distract from May’s own towering guilt in the hostile environment scandal.

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  1. Wasn’t she exonerated of blame because she had been misinformed by her underlings?

  2. F**k me. May’s gone into full hitler’s bunker mode

    What’s ‘Spencer’ rudd gonna do? Tell boris to stand and applaud? Bit late for that, innit?

    Sanction now, investigate later….Oh, hang on…

  3. when will this useless tory government learn it does not need another useless minister in the dwp, it needs a overhaul of the useless dwp

  4. It’s fire fighting , it’s pathetic , it’s OVER , give it up , May is finished , ffs call an election and put this countries best interests first not yours MAY you utter utter failure.

  5. Presumably she will deny all knowledge of the disastrous effects of Universal Credit etc on the people who suffer.

  6. Will Bambi be the first hench-person in history to fall on her sword – twice?

  7. May has truly come to the end of the line!

    In her driven desperation to preserve herself and her heinous government in power, and after a spate of resignations she is now scraping the dregs of the Tory political barrel and coming up with (a) a nonentity no-one has ever heard of before, and (b) the infamous and roundly discredited Amber Rudd. And guess what, even her “pals” in the DUP are about to rat on her. (One even stated yesterday after a condemnation of May’s dismal failure of a Brexit plan by Jeremy Corbyn, “He’s right!”).

    Words fail me, except to say to May, “Go, damn you. AND GO NOW!!”

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