Woodcock DEFENDING Rudd means he’s finally “jumped the shark”

Semi-detached Labour MP John Woodcock has long looked like he was pining for the benches on the other side of the house, attacking his own leader – inaccurately – in the Commons, going on ‘secret’ jaunts to Saudi Arabia and tweeting images to defend that country’s attack on neighbour Yemen.

He was even told by colleagues to ‘cross the floor’ to those benches during a recent debate on the government’s handling of the Salisbury attack – and appeared to wilt under the pointed stare of a female colleague for his ‘contribution’:


But his latest effort takes some beating – and believing – because he has defended the besieged and despicable Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Rudd is under huge pressure to resign because of her part – along with her boss and predecessor Theresa May – in the Tories’ vile treatment of ‘Windrush generation’ citizens from the Caribbean.

Black and minority communities are outraged by the Tories’ racist behaviour – but Woodcock thought it would be appropriate to tweet:

woodcock rudd.png

This government is the most right-wing in generations, going to lengths even Thatcher balked at – but Woodcock considers she’s more aligned to ‘Labour’, presumably his version of it, than those who might replace her.


Labour right-wingers used to love saying – against all the evidence – that Labour under Corbyn was not an effective opposition. But it seems Mr Woodcock has forgotten what opposition is about.

In the TV business, ‘jumping the shark‘ refers to the moment when a series goes too far in stretching credulity in its plot lines and shows it’s no longer viable.

Mr Woodcock – already the subject of a complaint from his own local members for his behaviour and of a pointed poem by former children’s Laureate Michael Rosen for his arrogance about Jewish people – has been furiously self-marginalising for some time but surely this shark-leap consigns his credibility and career to deserved oblivion.

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  1. Hope his CLP can organise a meeting to choose a new candidate soon, because they need one to replace this joke.

  2. There is ample evidence to support the claim that John Woodcock has repeatedly breached rule 2.i.8 of the Labour Party rules, which justifies the expulsion of John Woodcock from the Labour Party for bringing the Labour Party into disrepute and for acting in a manner which is detrimental to the party.

  3. Why did Woodcock join the Labour Party in the first place, is it because he would be unlikely to be nominated as a torie candidate,due to his odiousness ?

    1. It’s more likely that he isn’t odious enough for the Tories. If Farage wasn’t contemptible enough then I wouldn’t think Woodcock be either.

  4. In reply to Murray surely being odious is a prerequisite for a Tory candidate. I am struck by the difference in attitude of the two parties. In public the Tories staunchly defend their own even when,as with Rudd,the situation is indefensible. On the other hand there always seems to be a rump of Labour MPs ready to publicly condemn their colleagues.

  5. This dickhead is despised in barrow i live in Millom and work in barrow and the people their are so sick of this man that they were gutted in the last election they cound’t get rid of him if labour put him up again in the next G/E most people up hear will vote for another party just to get this twat out he needs to be deselected or kicked out of the labour party

    1. Do yu know what the views of his CLP are , are they Blairite in make up , is the Chair and Sec pro Corbyn?
      Knowing this helps grasp perhaps why he has not yet been de-selected

  6. If Marc Wandsworth can be suspended for nothing then Woodcock should be expelled immediately!!

  7. Oh ffs Corbyn, just sack the knobhead with immediate effect. Sh*thouse said he’d walk when owen smith got the tin-tack; but because it’s apparent (to me at least) that Corbyn hasn’t got the balls to wipe the f**king floor with the lot of them wnen push comes to shove, it hasn’t escaped woodcock’s attention – Indeed it’s EMBOLDENED him.

    Dismiss the helmet instantly. It’s a certainty that NOT ONE of the other prunes will resign the whip in ‘protest’ (Like plasticdick threatened to do, see above) unless they want to be MP’s (Of ANY persuasion) come the next election.

    1. “Corbyn hasn’t got the balls”, but George Galloway has!

      Get him back in the party and start grooming him for next Labour leader. He’s the best leader we never had and would be the only viable improvement on JC that I can see. A better orator and, I suspect, more ruthless, which is what’s needed with these back-stabbers!

      Go, G.G.!

      1. Jaysus! Give us a warning before you post that tripe, Tim?!

        With the amount of antisemitic shizzle going on right now, it’s not even worth getting galloway – even as a non LP member – to say anything about it (either way) to the media.

        And anywa, he burned his bridges a long time ago as far as I’m concerned. There’s far too much baggage comes with him and not an iota of it’d be of any use to the party. Political armageddon if that happened.

        I’m surprised I’ve been seeing calls for him to return from other posters on other threads tbh.

      2. He’s a powerful speaker with left wing credentials like few others.
        Sadly until somebody comes up with a way to erase those images from our memories he’s probably unelectable.

  8. Corbyn can’t sack Woodcock… the whip could be removed but there is a strong argument that the Kamikase MPs are wanting exactly that sort of explosion to distract from the local elections.

    1. Sack/remove whip, whatever. Doesn’t matter how, just get rid of the useless, petulant little shite. Neither use nor ornament. His own CLP despise him and as we’ve seen on here, so does the constituency as a whole. I know the CLP have already referred him to the NEC – So where’s the expedited decision on HIM??

      And he’s not the only one hated by his CLP. Despite not being a LP member I can say with a MASSIVE degree of confidence that (ill)eagle’s out on her arse if mandatory reselection is introduced – AND she’s aware of it, I’m told.

      And, very surprisingly (to me, at least) I’ve heard murmurs that even field’s birkenhead CLP are discontent to the point of wanting change there. Whether it’s the majority of them I don’t know, but if THAT was to get repeated across the country…

    2. IMHO wait till post LE ,if the results are good then that empowers the CLPs to get rid of the problems, as proof that despite all the shit they have stirred JC still wins out.
      If results are bad then it empowers the CLPS to take action and get rid of the problems because of all the shit they have stirred .
      It’s a win win really and the RW MPs can’t see or are to arrogant to think it can’t happen.

      The left have a 2 to 3 yrs window to have an out and out gloves off session of de-selecting these MPs who do not want to see a Socialist Labour Govt in power .For the many not the few.
      It’s our people that suffer NOT those self entitled arrogant MPS on the RW who aren’t facing food banks or no roof over their heads ,,,,,, no worries there matey ,,,, , quite happy to destroy the chances of a Labour Govt who can help because of their pure hatred of JC and the left .

  9. Oh, also, there are still a lot of disgruntled members in Wavertree (berger)…

  10. Why is he still a member of the Labour Party, never mind a MP. He is damaging the party by his total disregard of what Labour stands for now. Time he is given his marching orders.

  11. Perhaps we do need a grassroots bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic socialism in EVERY country; a socialism WITH, perhaps what socialism was always meant to be.
    I will democratically be supporting those who support this and highly recommend it to others.

  12. It feels like the new centrist party is ready to burst out Alien-style from Labour soon after the locals, no matter how well we do. At least it would give everyone clarity and we could move forward with the loyal MPs we keep, and select new candidates to fight for our vision against the cuckoos in the nest.

    1. Just a thought: such a split could finally destroy the Tories as righties who are ready to punish the rank incompetence would have a ready-made alternative. I’d much rather face the John MannCocks of this world across the benches than on the same side talking at complete cross purposes.

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