“Sweating like a Jew in an attic” – Tory candidate locks Twitter account after tweets emerge

George Stoakley is, according to Tory campaign literature, one of the party’s candidates for South Cambridgeshire District Council. Here he is – ironically pictured far right – alongside local Tory MP Lucy Frazer:

stoakley cand.png

A number of disturbing tweets, allegedly from Mr Stoakley’s account, have surfaced that have led to allegations of antisemitism and homophobia – as well as suggesting a Ben Bradley-like disdain for those forced to rely on benefits to survive:




The tweets came to light after local man Peter Wilson received the Conservative campaign leaflet, looked up the candidates on social media and tweeted what he said he’d found:

pw stoakley.png

Given the mainstream media’s willingness to magnify reducing antisemitism in the Labour Party as part of its narrative before the local elections next week, it is perhaps unsurprising – but no less scandalous – that they have not mentioned this story so far, even though the first tweet on the subject went out early on Wednesday.

It is, however, in line studies by Jewish organisations suggesting that antisemitism increases as you move right along the political spectrum.

The SKWAWKBOX has been unable to reach Mr Stoakley for comment. He has, however, locked down his Twitter account since the tweets came to light.

Conservative HQ has been contacted for comment on whether his candidacy will be allowed to continue.

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  1. Presumably Jewish groups will now criticise the PM for being antisemitic, criticise her for not doing enough, march outside CHQ and spill tears in parliament now? No. Didn’t think so.

    1. Yeah, the BBC will be all over it, rummaging through his bins and everything, looking through his widows from a helicopter for evidence of him being a spy sent by Corbyn’s Russian masters to distract honest journalists from the REAL NEWS story of Labour anti-Semitism.

      Finding nothing will PROVE how highly likely it is to be the Russians because:

      1. They’re the only ones with the expertise to hide evidence like that.
      2. They’ve done it before.
      3. You can trust the BBC.
      4. Who else could it be?
      5. Everybody knows anti-Semitism is a Labour thing, not a Tory thing.
      6. Nazis were NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. Corbyn is a SOCIALIST too.

      How much more proof do you need?

      If the Board of Deputies wish to reblog this post for non-commercial use, they are welcome to do so – see my middle finger for more.

      1. Windows. Not widows. That would make no sense at all.

  2. no media outlet seems to critise the tory government about anti-semetism or islamaphobia or racism of any kind. Peston on Sunday 22nd april. former tory chair Baroness Warsi says ” within my own party there are almost, now weekly occurances of Islamaphobic incident and rhetoric” and not one newspaper or mainstream news program picks up on it. This is the bias that we are up against.

  3. Nobody will do anything because it’s a Tory.

    Btw a Labour councillor had his car set on fire the other day. CCTV shows someone pouring petrol on it and setting it alight. In Nelson/Pendle.


    Is this the same place you wrote this article about here?


  4. The ” Little Englander ” epitomised perfectly here by Turner , White , Male , Middleclass or likes to think he is , anti-Semitic and no doubt possibly racialist given the chance . A true blue TORY .
    OK then all our 40 or so virtue signalling Zionist MPs , Smeeth , Ryan , Labour Friends of Israel , JLM etc , HERE IS YOUR REAL ENEMY NOT MARC WADSWORTH !!

  5. Oh and a Tory Councillor suspended in Calderdale, West Yorkshire for a racist tweet (Morning Star 18/4/18).

  6. Oh and according to the excellent Jewish Voice for Labour website the Right Wing Fidesz Party in Hungary was apparently using racism and it is claimed anti-semetism in their campaign but apparently their victory was congratulated by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson? AND NOT BY JEREMY CORBYN so where is our mighty Free Right Wing Press on this and the Right Wing Jewish Leaders, Right Wing Labour?
    Is it one rule for one…….?
    Labour here and parties of diverse working people in every country must continue to fight for and alongside diverse citizens in every country!

  7. You only have to examine the ownership of the media which is owned by billionaires which means that one side will never get a fair hearing,and the other side will always be viewed more favourably.

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