Tory Minister who said UK workers ‘worst idlers’ wants you to work for him – for free

Dominic ‘Mr Generosity’ Raab

Tory Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Dominic Raab, has a low opinion of this country’s workers. He co-authored a book – along with four fellow Tory MPs – in which he described UK workers as “among the worst idlers in the world“:

raab lazy.png

Raab – who has also, in spite of his ministerial brief, voted against laws requiring houses to be fit for people to live in – is on the look-out for a new staff member. But it seems the low value he placed on the employed hasn’t changed much.

He’s advertising for someone to work for him for free:

raab ad

The ad, placed on the W4MP site for employees of MPs, is fairly demanding in its requirements: good communication and admin skills, competence in IT and Microsoft Office, a strong work ethic and availability – for free – to work three or four days a week in Westminster. Travel expenses paid though, so that’s ok then.

What’s more, it contains a significant conflict. It states, presumably to excuse the lack of pay, that it would “suit a gap year student or recent school leaver“, it also wants a person with experience of working with the public.

Not a low bar for a job with no pay – and it requires (perhaps surprisingly!) compliance with parliamentary security standards and the ‘successful’ candidate must pass vetting.

As if to add insult to injury, the job description rounds off by telling applicants what they could normally expect to be paid in the role:

MPs generally pay staff in accordance with IPSA guidelines.

Generally. Just not in this case.

Applicants might also wish to know – though it’s not mentioned in the ad – that Raab’s name appeared on the Tories’ ‘sex-pest list’, an inclusion that he called ‘a form of harassment’. He strongly denied the allegations the list contained.


The Tories never tire of claiming that ‘work is the best route out of poverty’ – even though in-work poverty has increased massively under their policies. The Tories also claim to be tough on ‘zero hours contracts’ – but apparently not ‘zero-pay contracts’.

Just don’t expect any training. For the magnificent salary of, er, zero pounds Raab wants you to come with experience and a handsome set of pre-installed IT skills.

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  1. In reality hucksters like Raab et al would prefer everybody to work for them buckshee! I’ll get back up the chimney now!

  2. Raab’stard could probably do more for Darren Grimes than his current beau, ‘the brilliant’ Bubba Bradley.
    Eager little beavers like him are always looking to step up.

  3. You know why they’re taking on more staff to deal with constituency correspondence? My MP has also just hired someone and I suspect it’s because of the Tsunami of DWP DLA / PIP / UC cries for help.

  4. Exploiting and abusing people to further their own ambitions?
    … sounds like a definition of a Tory

    “A fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work.” Was that history lesson beyond the understanding of Mr Raab?
    … or perhaps he was skiving from his selective boys grammar school that day – idling somewhere

    1. “Exploiting and abusing people to further their own ambitions?
      … sounds like a definition of a Tory” Couldn’t have put it better Julie. Their hypocrisy is second to none. I guess you can see why Raab and his fellow swivelled eyed loons are so keen to take control of our human rights.

  5. ‘Idlers’ , eh?…Like the vast majority of MP’s (Especially just about every tory one at any rate) the prick’s never done a day’s manual graft in his life.

    He’d thoroughly shit himself if he was sent to do a day’s grind (For his dole) on a building site – even as a canlad! (I doubt he’d make a success of that, neither.)

    Of course, that’s if he’d survive the first 10 minutes…Imagine if he went with there with his ‘layabout’ attitude? Oh what fun! I’d happily pay an entrance fee just to see him get sparked out by some huge hairy-arsed grock of a bricky.

    It’d soon shut the imbecile up and make it change it’s tune.

    But then again, he’s never gonna be brave enough to go to a building site to do REAL WORK, or go with THAT attitude.

    The utter gobshite.

  6. I might apply, just to see what happens.

    I’d probably get the sack after punching too many TORIES!

  7. Raab and co really make it impossible for me to avoid swearing. The do nothing and scrounge mentality is enacted daily by people like him. How dare these sad excuses for human beings tarnish us with their brushes…… they are despicable.

  8. What an utter cock! He as the bareface to call us working grafters lazy! How would he know, “O Yes he does”.
    He’s never done a days work in his right wing Tory life!
    Get your arse down to any haulage firm or building site, do a weeks shift then tell us we don’t graft, you tory “fuck whit”!
    I want to do horrible things to your face and crutch, with my foot, head, then followed by my fists and elbows!
    But unlike you, I’m not a Tory unthinking, uninspiring savage!
    You’re one lucky rich bastard, along with them who agree with you!
    Keep looking over your shoulder “fuck whit”!

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