Breaking: Alexander to quit as MP – and the private health lobbyist she employed

Heidi Alexander (image credit: The Robin Hood Tax — https://secure.flickr.com/photos/robinhoodtax/6305514539/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35745741

Former Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander is to step down as an MP. Ms Alexander was rumoured yesterday by the Guardian to be looking at a move to London City Hall.

Ms Alexander resigned as Shadow Health Secretary as part of the 2016 ‘chicken coup’. A few days after her resignation, she was listed as a key speaker at a private health and care conference:


Labour sources also say that even before her 2016 resignation she had not been fully on board with the party’s position as a genuine alternative to failed austerity and privatisation.

She had infamously objected to party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell joining striking doctors on a picket line when the doctors were fighting the imposition of Hunt’s dishonest contract – and had employed a private healthcare lobbyist, Ben Nunn – against the express wishes of the party leadership not to employ lobbyists.

Here’s Mr Nunn, in a 2013 University of Birmingham video, telling students about his work as a private healthcare lobbyist:


A Shadow Health Secretary who agreed to speak at a private healthcare conference and allegedly ignored the leadership to employ a private healthcare lobbyist as an adviser at a time when the NHS was already collapsing under the burden of underfunding and private profits will be no great loss to the Labour Party.

Labour members in Lewisham East now have an opportunity to select a new candidate more aligned to the change the country needs – and will need to work hard to make sure they succeed in doing so.

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  1. Excellent news.

    It is not in the interests of a future Labour Government to have an inbuilt oppostion sitting on Labour benches made up of MPs like Heidi Alexander, who do not share the values of the Labour Party and who would seek to block the implementation of its policy programme.

  2. Hopefully, Len McLuskey would come forward to become an MP and stand in Lewisham, if he steps down as Unite GS . No one more loyal, has political nous in bucketloads and principles and is tough.

  3. we need the cat back to take her seat George Galloway he needs to be back were he belongs in the labour party

    1. No.

      Just no. The party can do without self-important idiots like that. Galloway”s another who wants to be the big fish in the bowl and would do just as much damage on his own as all the bliarite idiots on the right do now.

      @poetrymuseum has a far better idea. If only Bob Crow was still with us… 🙁

    2. Such powerful and articulate voices questioning modern British/western imperialism are far better and more effective free of the constraints of the Labour party and established political complex in my view.

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish. She is the epitome of a career politician who hasnt done a proper job prior to entering parliament. We have so many of these leeches in Labour.

  5. Good riddance to the Blairite careerist, now Lewisham East CLP can pick a good solid socialist to fight and keep the seat Labour in the by election.

    1. UK Column are a bunch of right wing conspiracy theorists who positively detest the Labour Party so I don’t know why you’re publicising their activities here.

      1. I have subscribed to UK Column for a year and your description is incorrect. It’s just reporting the truth which the establishment does not like . I am way on the left and do not recognise your right wing slur on UK Column . So just watch it yourselves and judge .

  6. Time angela (ill)eagle & flint went as well.

    Both receive(d) donations from a maximus lobbyist.

  7. It’s great when the rubbish throws itself out, now she can concentrate on private health practices! Just a shame around 100 others with the Bliarite right wing Zionist doctrine don’t do the same, they won’t be missed and then perhaps we can put Socialist JC supporting MP’s in their places as we do need their seats we just don’t need those who are presently occupying them!

  8. I could mention two former Labour ministers who are now in the employ of private health contractors.
    The shamelessness of making money out of people not being well is shocking.
    Good riddance

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