BBC ‘s had more time to check or qualify May’s Windrush lie. It doubles down instead

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, Theresa May appears to have lied outright in telling MPs and the nation that the decision to destroy landing cards – cards that would have proven the right of ‘Windrush generation’ immigrants from the Commonwealth to remain in the UK – was made by a Labour government in 2009.

A Sky journalist had exposed the lie within one minute of its utterance – but an hour later the BBC News channel was not only repeating the lie but treating the claim as a ‘PMQs’ triumph for May in its 1pm .

An hour later still – plenty of time to start checking facts and at least qualifying its presentation of May’s claim, the BBC’s 2pm news bulletin was not only repeating the lie but appeared to ‘double down’ on it by talking up its significance, claiming with satisfaction,

but she had an answer ready for that

and repeating May’s claim, again without even the qualification that it was disputed:

The 2.30pm bulletin was similar.

But evidence was already on the record yesterday that the decision was made in 2010 under May when she was Home Secretary, as the Guardian interviewed a Home Office whistleblower, who made clear when the decision had been taken:

windrush cards guardian.png

The current government is well aware of that fact as well, as a government source today told a Sky journalist:

rigby landing cards


In spite of this plain and easily accessible evidence, the BBC continues to mislead the UK’s people and to provide cover for the dishonest of May’s government – and its mistreatment of people who have every right to be here.

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  1. Was the decision not to digitise these documents influenced by ‘austerity’.

  2. It seems Teresa May lies as easily as she breaths. To lie so blatantly in PMQs, about a fact that can easily be checked smacks of panic. Did she hope that JC had not checked to see when it happened, or would not check up on her claim? That’s not just panic that’s stupidity as well. How much longer do we have to endure this dishonest, inefficient and ruthless women destroying the Country’s standing in the World, and how much longer do the people of Britain have to put up with her total disregard for their wellbeing?

    1. Is it any wonder that the EU’s Brexit negotiators are nervous about the log-term immigration status of their citizens that are currently living and working in the UK.

  3. It’s a pity that Jeremy appears not to have read today’s Guardian article. Otherwise he could have confirmed with more authority/evidence that it WAS NOT authorised by Labour !!

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