Umunna’s enabling of May’s police-cuts denial harms our communities twice over


Labour MP Chuka Umunna – fleetingly considered a Labour contender for the party leadership in 2015 – has appalled many Labour members by accepting Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s invitation to join her ‘taskforce’ on violent crime.


In doing so, he has acted as a classic ‘enabler’ to shore up Rudd’s lamentable denial that the massive police cuts the Tories have inflicted on police have anything to do with the UK’s sharp rise in violent crime.

That denial is dishonest as well as ludicrous, as Rudd’s own departmental report on the issue admits that the cuts are ‘likely’ a factor in the increase.

Rudd has formed the ‘taskforce’ to look for ‘reasons’ other than the blindingly obvious – the equivalent of ‘method acting‘ to avoid admitting that there is no sensible way to imagine that a fourteen percent cut in police numbers is anything but almost certainly the key driver for the crime increase, as it has all but extinguished the community policing that police experts recognise as essential for preventing crime.

The police themselves know this perfectly well – and have warned Rudd repeatedly about the consequences, as former Metropolitan Police investigator Peter Kirkham told Sky News just a few months ago:

Yet Umunna blamed his London constituents for his decision to co-operate with Rudd, saying they:

would never forgive me if I allow tribal, party politics to get in the way of us working together.

But his decision to blur the clear differences between the politics and policies of Labour and those of the Tories will damage his constituents – and people elsewhere – twice over.

First by providing cover for Rudd’s delusional insistence that cuts in police resources are not causing more violent crime.

And secondly by reinforcing the common – but now deeply inaccurate – public perception that ‘politicians are all the same‘, which plays into the hands of the Tories because they cannot manufacture the passion and integrity that drives the genuine Labour movement inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

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    1. No I don’t accept that. Chukka is a Tory with no interest in anything except his own career. You might not approve of Frank but his interest has always been those in poverty and sometimes that means straying in directions where the rest of Labour aren’t.

      1. The comparison’s a fair one although umunna’s in my opinion umunna’s more frankenfield than frankenfield hisself.

        Oh, and please disabuse yourself of the notion field’s ‘interested’ in the poor, because he is no more than a bargain bin dummkopf-schmitt.

      2. pimatters – What, apart from doing a excellent job in his role as a Useful Idiot, has Frank Field’s collaboration with the Tories actually achieved?

      3. Ooh-ooh-ooh, I know this one…

        Is it work for your dole? That got people out of poverty didn’t it?

  1. But you have spent days and days noting Corbyn’s request for confirmation of the Salisbury incident – but won’t wait to see what Umunna’s tack will be with the Home Secs task force!!!

    1. Why are you are attempting to conflate two completely unrelated issues. Your post is simply nonsensical.

    2. It’s the fact he’s there in the first place which is the problem.

      If his ‘tack’ is to be critical, which of course it should be, given the reduction by her Government in police numbers, he can do that without joining her team.

      Maybe he should go the whole hog and jump ship.

  2. Getting a bit spooked now.
    An hour ago I dumped a draft spoof tweet about Newsnight’s ‘acting editor’ Daniel Clarke being there to teach Tories Strasberg’s method to help them recover a shred of credibility.
    Are you SURE you haven’t got a keylogger on my pooter? 🙂

  3. Chuka knows what he is doing and that is to undermine the Labour front bench especially Corbyn, If he wants a position in a cross party committee to naval gaze he should join one with more than one outcome, if he cannot say now that police and community cuts have caused the problems without joining a committee he is being deliberately obtuse. I hope he leaves for his new party.

  4. It’s scary that this naïve but apparently useful idiot fancies himself as a leader

    1. Spineless gobshite’d bottle out of a contest to lead a conga line.

      Westminster mercenary.

  5. Whenever the Tories are in trouble there is always a Blairite like Umunna on standby ready and willing to help them out.

    Birds of a feather stick together.

  6. I see woodcock’s been referred to to the NEC by his CLP (Kudos to them)…Hopefully to be dismissed, seeing as he’s too much of a sh*thouse to actually jump like he ‘threatened’ to.

    I wonder if umunna, greasy, mann, and the rest of the gobshites will show solidarity with woodcock and do the off if he’s binned?

    Oh, I sincerely hope so.

    1. Is this confirmed ? If so FANTASTIC , what out for the howls of Witch hunt by the left , from the PLP / MSM

      1. BRILLIANT !!! so it begins at last lets hope the NEC does the right thing and boots him out of the Labour party .

  7. Umanna should have a look at the excellent video clip from LBC news , its posted as a tweet on the side bar of this page, by Rachel . It says it all !
    There is no reason , no excuse to even pretend to be working with Rudd , it simply gives her cover for her utter incompetence or worse maybe just deliberate ignorance it is “the Plan” . Umanna is nothing , nothing more than a …… well you choose .
    For the sake of our party he and his cohorts HAVE TO GO one way or another boot em out , they will never accept the will of the membership regarding our decision to elect JC as the leader , it shows such utter contempt for us all.

  8. Sling ya hook, go and join em, you’ll feel at home with all those lying hypocrites!
    Take all your right wing rabble with ya!
    Be a man if ya can and quit before ya pushed!

  9. And so it goes on,remember Blair saying that he admired Thatcher and that flight to see Murdoch as well as the playing up to the ‘Daily Mail’?
    At least the Tories know who they are and what they stand for,and now we need MP’s with equal conviction preferably on the left.
    Richard Dennis.

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