Vital Young Labour ballots open today – here are the Left ‘slates’ to vote for

Important elections are taking place for key positions in Young Labour, with voting opening today – the positions to be elected include Young Labour’s representative on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee. Voting is open to all Labour members up to twenty-seven years of age and, unlike in previous years, will be by ‘OMOV’ (one member, one vote) – to the outrage of ‘centrists’.

The centrist incumbent for the NEC seat, Jasmin Beckett, was elected in 2016 amid controversy over allegations that she encouraged her Facebook contacts to spread rumours of antisemitism against her rival. She won, by a single vote, after a union representative broke his union’s whip to support her – for which he was subsequently dismissed.

The ‘left slates’ for the elected positions are shown below, with a red box added to highlight the NEC candidate:

yl nat comyl reg left slate

There is no doubt that the Labour right will be doing everything it can to retain its grip on Young Labour structures to the detriment of the movement – so if you are a Labour member 27 years old or under, make sure to vote for the left-slate candidates shown for each position for which you qualify for a vote.

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    1. Brexit deal vote u-turn
      Brexit impact assessment u-turn
      European Court of Human Rights u-turn
      Dementia Tax u-turn (unprecedentedly dropped from the manifesto before the GE)
      Pensions triple lock u-turn
      Housing benefit cap for supported housing u-turn
      Self-employed National Insurance increase u-turn
      School meals u-turn
      NHS Professionals sell-off u-turn
      Police funding u-turn
      Fire safety in schools u-turn
      Grammar schools u-turn
      Abortion for Northern Irish women u-turn
      Winter fuel payments u-turn
      Universal Credit 7-day waiting period u-turn
      Universal Credit freephone u-turn
      Fox-hunting u-turn
      Diesel tax u-turn
      Manchester terror attack costs u-turn
      Prisoner vote u-turn

      Few if any of these u-turns would have happened had the Tories not been so weakened by Corbyn’s Labour taking a clear, firm stand – and the Labour surge resulting from the party presenting a genuine alternative.

      Seems a pretty good to me Ron , , Ohh and don’t forget that this real Labour opposition DESTROYED THE TORIES MAJORITY .

  1. Labour is now a real opposition. Unlike in the New Labour years, Labour now opposes privatisation, Thatcherism and neoliberalism, and has produced a comprehensive and costed plan for government.

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