Exclusive: NEC to take control of Young Labour rep election process


One of the anti-democratic scandals pushed through at Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee), before the resignation of Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale tipped the balance in favour of the party’s left-wing majority, was the rigging of the Young Labour (YL) conference.

A manoeuvre to slip through the change resulted in Young Labour members becoming a minority at their own conference, in what was widely seen as an attempt to make sure that right-winger Jasmin Beckett – whose initial election to the NEC was also surrounded by controversy – could secure re-election at YL’s spring gathering in 2018. The move prompted outrage on the part of many YL members.

Now, news has emerged from the NEC that will bring heart to YL members and to all left-wing Labour members – and probably skewer Beckett’s chances of remaining on the NEC.

An NEC source has told the SKWAWKBOX that a decision was taken at yesterday’s NEC meeting that the officers of the NEC, among whom there is now a left-wing majority, will decide the process for the election of the YL representative on the NEC.

This will not be the proposed ‘electoral college’ method in which unions, the right-dominated Labour Students organisation and YL would each have one-third of the votes – the set-up that so outraged YL members – and will almost certainly be a straight OMOV (one member, one vote) election, which will bring YL in line with Labour constituency parties.

As YL has recently elected left-wing representatives whenever it has an OMOV vote, this decision makes the strengthening of a left-wing majority on the NEC in line with the party’s membership far more likely than would otherwise have been the case.

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  1. Yes, good news. It has been said that in order to secure her victory, Jasmine Beckett used antisemitic smears against James Elliot her opponent.

  2. More good news; Zionists within the Labour Party must be feeling the heat after their attempts to smear Corbyn supporters in order to have them removed have started to fall apart. The suspension of Jewish professor Moshe Machover for ‘apparent antisemitism’ has been lifted. He should now receive an apology from Iain McNicol and put an end to the witch hunt.

    It is now time to also lift the unjust suspension of Ken Livingstone.

  3. Thanks to SKWAKBOX for this information, and a very big thank-you to Jack , with whom I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. The NEC should also take a look at the squalid circumstances of Keith Vaz being ‘elected’ as BAME Labour’s NEC rep.

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