No, Steve Walker will not be joining Buzzfeed

A certain right-wing site has claimed that Skwawkbox editor Steve Walker is in the running to become the new Political Editor of Buzzfeed, after the incumbent’s announcement that he is joining the Guardian as Media Editor:

sw buzz.png

We have no idea whether Buzzfeed really are ‘in awe of his virality’ – it’s a right-wing site, after all – but Steve made clear he’s not interested, saying:

It’s a flattering idea in a way, but I’m doing what I want to be doing and am not interested in ‘taking anyone’s shilling’. The SKWAWKBOX is all about making a collective difference and keeping people informed about what the MSM isn’t telling them, so me ‘joining the MSM’ and having to answer to an owner or shareholders would be a backwards step.

He finished by pointing out, with a laugh:

I do quite like the ‘awe’ bit, though.

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  1. What’s going on at Welfare Weekly they appear to have had their entire site deleted from their servers.

    1. From Welfare Weekly’s facebook page. For some reason I am unable to post a link.

      Website Down: We are aware of an issue that is preventing visitors from accessing our website. Upon further investigation it looks like all our website files have been deleted, which suggests an attack on some sort. Our hosts are currently working on restoring the site from a backup. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

  2. A slightly unsettling (and surely unnecessary) vanity blog post, especially when considered alongside how morally repellent GF’s site is. Sorry if you didn’t want to hear that.

    1. Some readers were worried there might be substance to the idea. You’re entitled to an opinion

  3. Thank heavens you’re staying, Steve. Where WOULD I get my news, if you left?

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