This is what’s in a REAL Czech mole’s file – a Tory one

Tory minister Raymond Mawby

The right-wing press continues in its laughable attempts to claim Jeremy Corbyn gave information to Czechoslovak intelligence – even though Corbyn was spied on by MI5 and the Metropolitan police and the Czech’s own files show that Corbyn had no useful information.

And in spite of the fact that their ‘source’ also claims he was responsible for Live Aid and that Corbyn told him what Margaret Thatcher was going to have for breakfast the following day.

But there is an example of what a real Czechslovakian file on a real British mole looks like – because there was a proven Tory one.

In 2012, the BBC covered the case of Conservative Minister Raymond Mawby who, during the 1960s and early 70s, passed information to Czechoslowakia. Its article described the file the Czechoslovakian intelligence services kept on him – a file hundreds of pages long.


mawby receipt.jpg
A Mawby receipt for a £100 payment

It contained receipts from Mawby for payments he received.


mawby notes
Mawby’s handwritten notes on a colleague

It contained pen portraits of Tory MPs and ministers.

mawby sketch
Mawby’s sketch of the PM’s office

It contained a sketch of the Prime Minister’s office.

And it noted that Mawby provided files that he had stolen from Parliament.

The Tory press – and reckless, unprincipled front-benchers – are still attempting to push their nonsense about Corbyn in spite of the obvious lack of credibility of their ‘source’ and the total lack of substance in Czech papers about an MP with whom they clearly had no meaningful relationship.

But if they want to see what a real Cold War mole and the reports that one generates look like, they don’t have to look any further than an example their own front bench: one Raymond Mawby.


The right-wing media has shown itself a sick joke – even the BBC has been unable to take the reports seriously.

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    1. They’re probably trying to elicit a similar response from Corbyn so they can drag out the accusations for months and months but ‘the team’ can see through that easily

  1. Mawby’s activities were known of for years but like Sir Anthony Blunt he was never brought to book and got away with it. Contrary to the belief that foreign intelligence agencies recruit left wing politicians and trade unionists most spies in my time have either been Tory politicians, members of the establishment or indeed members of our own intelligence services. This is because these groups of people are a) usually held above any suspicion and b) actually know real secrets.
    This is another very striking example of “fake news” from the MSM and I include in that the BBC’s unquestioning and passive reporting of it – despite some rather obvious flaws in the story that would ring alarm bells with any self respecting journalist.

  2. From the BBC on the reaction to the Mawby revelations: “Cabinet minister Sir George Young said only one side of the story about ex-Tory MP Ray Mawby had been put forward.

    “He said it was “imperative” the other side was “also put forward in the interests of friends and family”.

    “Sarah Wollaston, MP for the same area Mr Mawby represented, had called for an inquiry into the allegations.

    “She said: “These very serious allegations, amounting to treason, need to be fully investigated, but also fairly investigated because Mr Mawby is not here to defend himself and it’s in none of our interests to have trial by media.” ”

    There doesn’t seem to have been any follow-up on what this “other side of the story” might have been.

  3. “Dear o Dear”, The Tories, really think we on the Left, are corrupt spies, trying, to bring our country down! When they know the real truth of the matter! It’s self evident the “BIG FINGER”, is pointing at them. No amount of squirming can shake off their wrong doings and spying activities throughout their History! The Profumo Affair, Family Values, Cash for Questions, Expenses Fraud! I don’t have to carry on, when it comes to, which Party Holds First Prize, for Lying, Misleading the Public at Large, go no further than the Tories!

  4. While the World at One, radio 4 has just reported that they have actually checked with the holders of the Czechoslovakian archives, unlike the Sun, Telegraph etc. The archives show that while JC was a person of interest to them(no doubt they hoped he might be useful at some stage), his code number on their records shows that he definitely never collaborated with them.

  5. An obvious point I know, but if these stories had an ounce of truth in them the right wing press would have published them before the last general election.

    This is a classic case of the Tory trick of falsely accusing others of crimes they themselves are guilty of.

    1. One of the episodes in the current X-Files series has, in place of the usual The Truth Is Out There caption at the end of the opening credits. the slogan Accuse Others Of That Which You Are Guilty or something. (I don’t have time now to check the exact words).

  6. Tories (and the Right Wing media) truly caught out Ha! Ha!
    Oh and whilst Tories talk about a fake £10k payment when the Tories (and Lib Dimwits) gave hedge funds £145m in tax cuts when in the Coaltion Govt, hedge funds then donated £50m to the Tories!
    So another Potential scandal? Oh and I’m old enough to remember Labour Research highlighting Tory MPs asking favourable questions on behalf of companies who just happened by chance to donate to them? Is a research project there for any budding researchers!
    Keep up the good work Skwawkbox!

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