Video analysis: ‘Pro-Mogg thug’ assaults protester at Rees-Mogg Bristol speech

A Twitter user has tweeted video showing ‘a huge amount of violence’ at a speech by Tory MP and leadership prospect Jacob Rees Mogg speech in Bristol:

mogg viol.png

This will almost inevitably be exploited by the Tory party, and presented by the MSM, as evidence of ‘nasty’ Momentum.

However, SKWAWKBOX analysis of the video shows that the violence appears to instigated by a white-shirted man, presumably a supporter of the Tory MP, taking offence at the protesters, who seems to assault a female protester, triggering a furious reaction from her companion in her defence:

To his credit, Rees Mogg appears to try to intervene to get between the man and his target, leaning back to force him away from the centre of the action.

Viewing the footage, a senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

There’s a concerted attempt at the moment to portray Jeremy’s supporters as ‘nasty’ and threatening, but this video clearly seems to show intimidation by a thug on the right. It’s important it is not misrepresented.

The woman who was struck has confirmed the events:

This needs to be shared widely before the Establishment abuses the facts for propaganda purposes.

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  1. White shirted guy starts it, putting his hand over the girls mouth/face

  2. How anyone could go to hear such a ligtweight upper class twit speak is beyond me.
    One of the last of ‘The Great Men and Women of History’ (promoted by the Right Wing and Liberal media) without an original idea in their heads. Time for ‘The Great Masses of History’ facilitated by the likes of real stars like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK!

  3. Thank goodness for modern technology, these people could get away with anything, we need to spread this far and wide.

  4. Mogg’s henchman beats up young woman.

    There goes Mogg’s chances of the leadership.

  5. Strange how the Mail’s video clip starts after Mogg’s thug had assaulted the woman in white.

    1. Same this (Sunday) morning on the BBC.
      Mogg’s Blackshirt in the white shirt makes the first physical assault.

  6. I think you are being a bit paranoid. Neither the BBC, Daily Mail, or the Guardian mention Momentum. The main issue seems to be that the protesters were trying to shout down JRM rather than engage with him. I have no time for JRM, but I also have no time for anyone, be they on the left or right, who try to prevent free speech.

  7. I dunno, I’m normally furious about this kind of thing but this does look like a bunch of morons attacked the bloke.
    I can’t fucken stand him but we can’t win by shouting people down and behaving like pricks.

    1. Looks to me like the bloke in the white shirt shoved his hand in the blond woman’s face and the bloke in black hat behind her tried to reach the white shirt guy and Mogg tried to stop him/the situation escalating. I didn’t see anyone ‘attacking’ Mogg physically looks like he intervened. I concur with Skwarkbox.
      No idea what the verbals were of course.

      I don’t think getting so close, presumably to verbally protest or question, in that sort of situation is a good idea myself.

      Would be interesting to know what they were protesting and what the event was.

      Like it or not Tories have a right to speak as well. This sort of incident is no help to political discussion or debate as it just becomes emotive, personal and a blame game and the issues that obviously need to be discussed are pushed aside.

    2. Meant to add:-
      “but we can’t win by shouting people down and behaving like pricks.”

      It does look a shambles of a ‘protest’ and unnecessarily provocative I must say,

      1. Having now viewed the footage put up by Skwawkbox showing a wider view https://skwawkbox.org/2018/02/03/excl-new-footage-clearly-shows-mogg-supporter-instigate-violence-against-female-protester/, it seems clear the group with Rees-Mogg were having a civilized discussion and noisy protestors were way back. Of course there is a lot of noise generally in such a bare room with people engaged in lively discussion..

        The real story here is a woman was targeted and physically assaulted. I don’t know for certain what motivated such aggression from the man in the white shirt, perhaps we will get more detail at some point.

        I hope Andreea is ok and not too distressed and disturbed. What she decides to do is her choice but the man should be deeply ashamed and clearly needs some anger management training and such behaviour should be condemned by all.

  8. I would just like to add, and I think we can all agree on this, that it is critical that debates are carried out in a civilised manner by all sides at all times, no matter how different people’s views are.

  9. Whether you agree with that protest or not Mogg’s lackey should have kept his hands and forearm to himself. He isn’t the Police and Mogg wasn’t bring threatened. Men assaulting women isn’t on, charges have been brought for less.. Hardly call this violence and perhaps hiding your face when protesting is stupid.

  10. Looks to me as previous commentators have said the rees mogg thug did start this however if the tories gatecrashed a momentum meeting or JC one and the situation was reversed I would be up in arms, xWe must let free speech go ahead however abhorant or racist it may be we just need to highlight what was said, it riles me being the stepfather of a mixed race child, cut out the fighting hit them with facts not fists

    Thanks for this article Steve, spot on mate

  11. I have seen fuller videos of this and to me the protestors were asking for trouble. They looked like anarchists and were disruptive and taunting. It was bound to end in violence in my view no matter who pulled the first punch. I see anarchists as out to cause trouble and do not equate them with the left.

  12. “This will almost inevitably be exploited by the Tory party, and presented by the MSM, as evidence of ‘nasty’ Momentum”

    Er. You think they behaved in a civilised way?

    “However, SKWAWKBOX analysis of the video shows that the violence appears to instigated by a white-shirted man, presumably a supporter of the Tory MP”

    Or possibly not. Try identifying who it is (and what actually happened) first, ok? Otherwise you come across as another extremist who “presumes” stuff based on not very much.

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