‘Happy’ Valentine’s Day – with a threat from the DWP

Someone at the DWP thought this was a good idea – an animated gif for Valentine’s Day, threatening people with prosecution for finding love and not declaring it:


Tory policies have been linked with 120,000 additional deaths in the UK – and DWP policies with a doubling in attempted suicides among disabled claimants, as well as with increased rates among other claimants.

But this level of crassness has shocked even experienced DWP-watchers.

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  1. People are taxed as individuals yet when it comes to benefits they are treated as a couple, receiving less than if they were two single people. The amount of money one person has should have no bearing on another persons claim, whether as part of a couple or not.

  2. wow a new form of low, well happy valentines day for you as well, I be reporting one of your nurses for ftp this weekand there won’t be much love lost there either

  3. What a load of patronising bull. Who exactly is this DWP tweet aimed at anyway? and what do they honestly expect to achieve? Do they really imagine that even one so called “benefit cheat” is going to see it, let alone that it would spur them on to realise the error of their ways, be overcome by remorse and run to the phone to confess all.

  4. Only the most despicable acts can wake the Milk Snatcher from the dead to rise and smite the Corbynites.

  5. Hey Skwawkbox 🙂

    For Valentine’s Day, I sent flowers to Caxton House to thank them all for doing nothing to protect the lives of social security claimants whilst remain complicit through impartiality in the deaths and suicides of claimants whose benefits are/were removed, restricted, or constricted by DWP’s administration processes, their discriminatory eligibility criteria, ‘enforced’ sanctions regime, use of a profit grabbing lying cheating medical assessors, use of a money grabbing Motability Operator, and grey guidelines on the application of policy to claims. It is not solely the spurious policies of a dog-sick government that are to blame for Homelessness, poverty, deaths, and suicides. The DWP carry shame on their shoulders as well. The DWP’s umbrella term ‘impartiality’ is nothing less than an abdication of responsibility regarding duty of care to claimants: it is management speak – or DWP spokesperson speak for, ‘DWP don’t give a rats arse. My boss just wants a Knighthood so he discloses nothing to the public or press . Truth is not a commodity we practice openly or readily within DWP. To do so would be departmental error and that would cost the government billions in claims.’

    I’m certain the bouquet of Triffids delivered to Caxton House this morning will have been appreciated by one and all. If not red in colour when they were received at the front door, I’m certain they will all be now.

    So come on Corbyn…oust the despicable Tories and then replace all senior management in DWP and make the entire organisation legitimate, purposeful, flexible, caring and above all transparent top to toe. You really do have an awful lot of work to do, so best carry a big-axe. Restoring public (and no doubt staff) confidence in an organisation that clearly takes its lead from a cheating lying and corrupt conservative government isn’t going to be easy: an organisation which clearly is failing to serve the public with any degree of respect, regard, fairness, duty of care, honesty or absolute truth. Indeed DWP has already failed thousands who have died as a result of spurious processes within the Social Security system. Mr Corbyn you really do have to clean up Dodge and please make it soon!

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


  6. They never mention that the biggest benefit fraudsters were 2 DWP staff and the amount was in the TENS OF MILLIONS.

    It’s not even on the interweb (Maybe under the right to be forgotten?)

    I wonder if them thieving A4e rats saw it?

    And there’s never anyone mentioning – let alone doing anything about the biggest benefits fraud of all – The PIP/sickness benefits assessors….They directly profit from causing other’s losses. S.2 (false representation) fraud act 2006.



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