Excl new footage clearly shows Mogg supporter instigate violence against female protester

The SKWAWKBOX earlier published analysis of video of events at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech at the University of Western England in Bristol. Right-wingers and some mainstream media have attempted to portray the events as aggression by left-wing protesters – or even an attack on Rees-Mogg, fake news that has persisted in spite of the Tory MP’s own statement that it was not the case.

The SKWAWKBOX’s analysis appears to have been very inconvenient for the right-wing propagandists judging by the attempts of bot and troll accounts on social media to dismiss the analysis – without, of course, actually addressing what it shows.

Unfortunately for the propagandists, this blog has now obtained exclusive new footage which is longer than the video of the assault that is already in circulation – and which shows even more clearly that a Rees-Mogg supporter in a white shirt strikes a woman protester in the face.

The video also shows the man pushing through bystanders to reach the protesters, lunge for the woman and then posture, ‘skinhead-style’, before striking the woman’s face and then dragging a forearm across her face:

Whatever readers’ opinion of the wisdom of the noisy protest, this new footage makes clear that what violence there was did not originate with them.

It remains to be seen whether this footage will be shown by the ‘MSM’ to put the record straight or they will continue to portray it misleadingly or ambiguously.

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  1. Much better video showing a wider view and what was really happening prior to the man in white shirt lunging at the blonde woman.
    Clearly the noisy hecklers were standing way back while the group with Mogg were apparently having calm discussion.

    Thanks for showing this.

  2. According to the Indy, “The force appealed for anyone with mobile footage of the fracas to speak to officers.”

    I think this whole thing has been a set-up to make sure it hits the headlines. Mr Rees-Mogg is clearly after the Tory leadership so he needs to look like he’s ‘in control in a crisis’.

    Rees-Mogg is the last thing we need in the Brexit mess … him and his mates in the European Research Group …

  3. Me personally I don’t think this form of protest does anyone any good.
    It creates the confrontation without debate, it’s just gives ammunition to the MSM, to attack Corbyn.
    Also it can be set up to look like a left wing protest, dirty tricks is not beneath right wingers.
    Stop and condemn protests that barge in. So when they are done it’s clear where labour stands.

  4. Whatever it was or would be and will be, the issue of Brexit needs a very strong leader. May seems not fit in a role. She probably is good for an opportunistic manner for her own survival as she has been but we need much stronger and convincing personality who could lead the nation, pro or anti.

  5. This Mogg supporting thug needs to be immediately identified and arrested for his assault upon the young lady.

    Several questions need to be asked about the status of this thug.

    Is he employed, directly or indirectly, by William Rees-Mogg?

    What is his relationship with William Rees-Mogg?

    Is he a member of the Conservative Party?

    These questions must be answered.

  6. Couldn’t this lead to ‘the shirt’,being prosecuted for assault. I’m sure the Mogg knws his address.

  7. Masmit,
    Your comment is similar in some ways to what The Daily Mail said when my old dad fought Oswald Moselys facists thugs*with brass knuckles,in the 1930s. Noisy protest is our right in this country. It has been fought for and defended, always by the left. I guess you can imagine what would have happened to this fine country of ours if Mosely/ Rothermere and their henchmen were allowed to continue with their dispicable plans. Remember what happens when good men and women stand by and do nothing. Its happened before there is no reason to think it can’t happen again. Reeks- Bogg would be the first to instigate ‘control orders’ against the ‘left wing aggitators’ if he thought it would further his cause.
    One should also remember these people are not men and women of honer, but charlotens and carpet baggers to a man. Mostly in the pay of large corperations and banks. Indeed one has only to look at recent history and the miners strike and Thatchers war on the ‘enemy within’ to see what they are up to. They are due no respect because they don’t deserve it.
    Much as we would prefer the quite life there are times when ‘ noisy protest’ becomes the only option.I therfore fully support and comend these young people for their action.
    Yes I know the ‘ministry of truth’ will use it as proagada, but hasn’t that always been the case? I therfore dissagree with your comments on this ocassion.
    However, in the meantime keep up your fine and excellent work taking the British Bigots Corparation to task. I hope this doesn’t sound too patronising but I did work as a Lecturer once in my younger years.


    * see the same sort of thug in the white shirt attacking the young woman.

    1. Paul I haven’t said don’t protest. My point was about barging in ranting with hidden faces. This could easily be a set up to blame left wing supporters. Protest but not like that.

      1. Point taken Masmit you are quite right. An old man has got to have the occasional rant at these people.
        There is a very good piece by Tom on AAV about BBC Tory time bias.
        I would send you the link but I not sure how its done.
        Keep up the good work, us Grumpy old Gits rely on you people to get things changed for the better.

      2. 20 working days up Monday for BBC to respond, I also have complaint with Ofcom about sky’s bias. There’s nothing wrong with a rant, that’s what keeps us going.

    1. Unfortunatly some of us ‘old gits’ are skinheads by reason of age and homones, rather than any political affiliation or style. However nothing could be worse than aTrump cut or Tory toadie boy combover!

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