May references Skwawkbox in speech to press lobby

may distaste

Theresa May has referenced the Skwawkbox in a speech last night to the parliamentary press lobby.

May told the assembled journalists:

I’d be breaking rocks in John McDonnell’s re-education camp on the Isle of Man and you’d all be adjusting to a new reality too. Catching up with the latest government initiative, trailed exclusively to Skwawkbox, doing your best to keep on the right side of Press Commissar Milne… he’d be like a posh Alastair Campbell, but without the warm and cuddly side… But of course Jeremy Hunt would still be health secretary, obviously.

The ‘MSM’ playing catch-up to Skwawkbox exclusives? Almost unimaginable, surely.

May’s ‘jokes’ might betray her fear that her and the Tories’ days in power are coming to a close, though. Many a true word spoken in jest’ – and bookies are apparently offering odds of only 3-1 that she will be out of Downing Street by the end of this month, with 2-1 on a new General Election this year.

This makes twice that the Skwawkbox has featured in speeches by senior Tories to the press corps – although last time was less humorous. In autumn last year, then-First Secretary Damian Green smeared this blog in his speech to lobby journalists – then ducked the Skwawkbox’s challenge to his slur.

You might almost think we were an irritant to the government and its media allies.

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  1. I really don’t have the foggiest idea what May is waffling on about. Sounds like she’s been on the gin again, or smoking that wacky-baccy! And it’s supposed to be amusing?? Dream on, Theresa!

  2. May can’t get anything right. The ‘laugh’ at you bit comes after ‘ignore’ and before ‘fight’ she’s very close to, ‘then they lose’.

    Seriously though, I think she’s afraid of the Government not being able to manipulate or manufacture the truth, being exposed and worried about the popularity of Skwawkbox and other independents , they have done very well in this area.

  3. So May doesn’t like it that Labour chooses to share exclusive stories with the Skwawkbox rather than the MSM
    … that’ll probably be because the Skwawkbox can be relied upon to publish the truth and not some fabricated fairytale version … such as the Czech spy fictional ‘news’ story we’ve heard about recently.

    Well done, Skwawkbox! Keep up the good work!

  4. Oh dear, May is in need of a new speech writer as well as a new cabinet.
    So much for ‘Great’ Britain led by a government made up of the dregs of ruling class representatives. Is this really the best they have to offer or are they just laughing at us all?

    One thing is certain, they are worried and there is not one iota of dignity, self reflection or compassion in their fear as they continue to blame the victims of their vicious self serving policies at home and abroad.

    Just keep telling it like it is Skwawkbox.

  5. May and her Tory cronies hate the ‘alternative media’ especially SKWAWKBOX. Simply because they are the only media writing the truth and exposing their lies and smears

  6. Labour manifesto pledges Leveson Two , this scares the MSM and the elite shitless , the more they howl the closer we are getting to power and implementation and “they” know it .
    Expect more attacks more smears and new laws to stop NSM these are the death rattles of the Tories and their supporters.
    Keep on keeping on SB , Canary , NovaraMedia , Evolve , AAV etc and our firends in the USA Jacobinmag.com

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