Labour video: “We built it with our tax so our grandkids could have free healthcare” #NHSCrisis

Labour’s new video about our NHS, which was shown on ITV, BBC and online this evening, is an incredibly powerful account by health professionals of the NHS and what it’s suffering under the Tories.

One woman, who nursed in the very first hospital to open under the NHS in 1948, spoke poignantly of her parents having to pay the doctor to treat her ear infection before coming to the key point that the Tories always want us to forget:

It’s not a business. We built it up with our tax so our children and our grandchildren would have free healthcare.

The NHS is ours – and for years the Tories have been giving it to private companies to run – almost 11% is currently in private hands and that’s increasing every year.

The Tories are underfunding – and de-resourcing – the NHS, pushing it into crisis. According to the BBC today, the Tories have only increased NHS funding by 1% a year while the population and with it our ability to fund the NHS, grows by more than 1% a year, while 33,000 nurses – 10% of the total – are leaving the NHS every year.


Since we, the people of the UK, built the NHS, it’s not theirs to give away, underfund or de-resource – but Theresa May recently refused to say that the latest reorganisation will not lead to a US-style insurance-based system.

They want to make us pay to access what we built.

But Labour commits again in this video to reverse NHS privatisation.

Everyone needs to know what’s being done under their noses, so share this video.

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  1. What is also important to remember is that the government has all the money it needs at its disposal to pay for our NHS and public services.

    They are deliberately aiming to transfer our NHS into American health corporations, hoping that we will never have the gumption to take it back.

    In a sovereign country a government can do whatever it chooses and we should be warning those American companies sat on the sidelines waiting for the green light by the Tories, that we will take it back into public ownership and we will not be compensating them for it.

    We have the money to properly fund all our public services, what we need to do is get rid of these lying Tories in order to start rebuilding this country, and that is down to all of us.

  2. Being born in 1946 when there was no money, we were in debt to the yanks over the second world war!
    That didn’t stop the LABOUR PARTY in 1948 giving back to us, what we all lost in that war, our self respect and humanity, after all those lives lost for FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!
    We as a family lived in houses unfit for human habitation!
    Not until I was 22 did we have a bathroom without a toilet, that was still in the yard!
    After leaving school and started my new job at 15 years old!
    Earning peanuts working long hours 15 and over hours a week until I was in my late twenties when I was offered a job that paid decent money!
    These Tories, don’t have a clue about graft and low pay!
    I am still paying taxes against my pension, because I’m over my allowance by a couple of pound a year!
    I for one, am sick of this Tory rip off, of our NHS!
    Being slowly eroded and sold off to the PRIVATE SECTOR!
    Started by Tory Blair, who involved the private sector, rebuilding Hospitals and Schools that Thatcher and the Major Government let the two, fall apart, after 18 years of their shambolic rule!
    We then got a further 13 years of Tory light Blue (New Labour) rule!

  3. Liverpool Integrated Care Partnership Board (LICPB) is laying the foundations for an Accountable Care System (ACS) which is in conflict with Labour Party policy as set out and agreed at Labour Party Conference 2017.

  4. Powerful video, well done to the creators. I believe it’s being shown on TV as well.

  5. I was born in January 1940, and I also understood every word.
    The NHS was born in 1948 – Nye Bevan is my hero! – but prior to that people died of preventable and treatable diseases because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor, let alone pay for medication and further treatment.
    I had TB as a very young child, and received treatment, in a sanatorium for chest diseases. The nurses were wonderful and It was at that time that I decided that nursing would be my chosen career. I left school at the age of fifteen in order to take up employment as a Cadet Nurse – a new opportunity made possible because of a shortage of nurses, which was thought to be caused by the fact that it wasn’t possible to attend nursing college until the age of eighteen, which meant that if women had left school at fifteen, they had worked elsewhere for three years and were reluctant to start at the beginning again.
    The NHS has been a priceless jewel in the crown of our country, one that was, for many years, the envy of the world.
    It’s certain that the tories have had the benefit of superb treatment, free at the point of need, during their lives and it It pi**es me off that now they intend to make huge profits, by acquiring shares in the private companies they are setting up.
    We must prevent this disgusting theft.

  6. I can only agree with all the above comments and I just wanted to say that I’m more than willing to defend what’s left of our NHS and willing to fight to maintain it and extend it back to what it was! Even if that means getting onto the streets and going through the lines of those police officers who feel they must continue to defend those who have sold them out, and Private security thugs who are on minimum wage but just want to act like cut price NAZIs, to occupy any of the NHS buildings! By all means possible! I’d prefer a mass march and the waving of flags to do this but I fear we are going to have to do a lot more to get rid of the Tories, including those in the PLP, and keep our NHS free!

  7. Just a technicality – I quite agree the NHS is being underfunded, because of an ageing population meaning there aremore people with complex needs, and because of medical advances costing more.
    And the govts since 2010 are increasing spending at the lowest rate since the NHS began. The average annual real change in UK public spending on health (from IFS figures) :- 1955-1979 4.4%
    1979-1997 3.4%
    1997-2010 5.9%
    2010-present 1.1%
    But the population isn’t growing at 4% a year – it might be worth correcting this info so it doesn’t give ammunition to those who call Sqwawkbox “Fake News”. The population in 2011 was 63,182,000. 4% of this is over two and a half million (2,527,280) while the Guardian reported that the UK population had increased at a record of just over half a million. So the population is growing at a bit less than 1% a year.

      1. Ha ha – so the BBC doesn’t always get it right? Who’d have thought!

  8. what’s happening to the NHS is a coup by an unelcted tribe of NGOs and Charities working within government to fully privatise the beast.

    currently the nhs is taking me to court for a bill i know nothing about – that’s caring for you!!

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