MSM fake news – we’ll just leave this here..

Doesn’t need much else to be said – except thanks and a hat-tip to @EL4JC.

So we’ll just leave this here, as we exposed the fake news in the first place:


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  1. On another note…

    BBC Breakfast 6:20am – While reviewing the papers, minchin interrupts walker when it’s the mirror’s turn – with the headline about ben bradley’s ‘vasectomy’ comments; leading to it not getting a mention

    6:22am ITV’s GMB paper review – First headline – Daily Mirror on bradley’s vasectomy comments…

  2. It’s time we kicked these people out of Labour. They have no place here , their intent is clear , to continue despite all the advances made to making Labour electable,to return it to undetectability via Tory lite Blairism . Thus laying it open to the criticism that Labour ,Tories LD’s are ” all the same ” .There is and always should be a place for healthy discourse and debate but continued use of religious beliefs used as a weapon in a political environment to try and reach an outcome ( Blairism) , is dangerous to our democracy . It would simply result in many , many Labour members leaving ( again ) and voters not voting , just as it was before JC came to power. Result no alternative Govt , no policies that help the many many people of our nation and Internationally policies that do not appear to truly help resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict and bring peace to that area , and thus NO HOPE.
    JC democratisation of Labour is at the root of that hope for a better party for all , and this can be seen in action here in the NEC elections.

    I would urge all of us true Labourites to continue to confront those in the party who’s actions are of this fake and false destructive nature , continue to expose them and their ” backers ” for what they are and what they are trying to achieve.

  3. In the meantime corruption continues, our assets are being stolen, our people are dying and the tide of fascism just keeps on rolling in …..

  4. Have we had an apology by those extreme right wing moderates for the fake news they spread. Thought not.

  5. These fake news blogs are epidemic on the RIGHT!
    Pretty soon, or not already, their readers will get fed up and stop reading them!
    The only way, do what I do, which is, no more right wing press or media will be tolerated whatsoever!
    There are none so blind than those who can see!
    Appertaining to those on the RIGHT of any political BENT!

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