Video: May squirms when asked to pledge NHS ACOs won’t lead to insurance-based healthcare

As the SKWAWKBOX has covered, the Tories’ latest ‘top-down reorganisation‘ of the NHS involves parceling our health service into ‘Accountable Care Organisations’ (ACOs), along similar lines to the hugely inefficient US healthcare system.

So damaging and dangerous is this change expected to be that health experts – now joined by the world-famous Professor Stephen Hawking – have crowdfunded a legal case to challenge it.

The Tories and their media allies are, of course, presenting ACOs in a different way – but the extremely telling video clip below from late 2016 provides an insight into the reality.

It shows Margaret Greenwood, Labour’s excellent MP for Wirral West, challenging Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) to provide assurance that ACOs would not be used to introduce insurance-based, private healthcare.

Theresa May answers almost anything but the question that was actually asked. Given an opportunity to promise that ACOs would not become a vehicle for such a harmful and inefficient change, she declined it and waffled instead.

This is a vital and still under-reported threat faced by our NHS. Watch and share to raise awareness:


Visit this site to call on your MP to demand a debate on NHS privatisation.

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  1. The Conservatives are calculating that enough members of the public take the NHS for granted and therefore do not think it needs to be defended.

    No private company is capable of providing national healthcare provision. The NHS is living proof that collective enterprises are superior to the Conservative ideology of privatisation.

    That is why the Tories hate it and are intent on underfunding the NHS and replacing it with a far more expensive insurance system.

    The other reason is of course so that they and their donors can make huge profits from the public.

    Such a course of action would make healthcare unaffordable for many.

    As Nye Bevan said “No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”

    1. This a thousand times over

      As Nye Bevan said “No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”

      Succinct and absolutely right

  2. ACOs -Apalling Conservative Organisations – set to favour the private sector as true Tory Neo-Liberals.
    As the Tories plan to charge asylum seekers/refugees for some basic health services the Tories demonstrate that they are TORY BARBARIANS and know the price of everything and the value of nothing!
    Let’s make 2018 THE YEAR TO GET RID OF RIGHT WING BARBARIANS INTERNTIONALLY – the Tories in the UK, Trump, the leaders of: Russia, Turkey, Israel, Neo-Liberals in the EC and around the World, top down Bourgeois ‘Socialists’ in China, N Korea, religious bigots in the Middle East, the corrupt in Africa, Latin America, and former USSR and satellite states.
    Perhaps 2018 is the beginning of grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing, democratic socialism?
    Happy New Year Brothers & Sisters!

  3. Hey Skwarkbox,

    It is almost inconceivable that UK politics under Theresa May has plummeted to such desperate depths of despairing self-centred greed that the UK is now crowd-funding to take its own government to court to stop them jeopardising the health and wellbeing of the UK public. It is absolutely atrocious. Surely there will come a point very soon when the public just will not tolerate anymore abuse by this twisted evil lying creature who slithered out from beneath Satan’s backside…surely she must be the most reviled PM in UK history: quite frankly why she is still in power is beyond me and most if not all of the NHS supporting public. This is the problem with democracy as it is in the UK: when a government comes to power and acts with such blatant and deliberate wilful intent to endanger, jeopardise, discriminate, diminish, rob, steal and thieve directly and indirectly from the electorate, there is no mechanism that can be employed to end that government’s reign. Instead the majority always end up suffering so as to pay for the minority and the elite: it matters not which government is in power, all governments have a self-centred agenda focussed around wealth acquisition for the elite, for those investing in politics, and for the Bankers of course who pull everyone’s strings tighter except the rich: and apparently that is an acceptable process around the world which is traded under the illusionary banner called democracy. However, I do not understand why the UK public put up with what is fundamentally fascism and tyranny?

    Theresa May…this article seems to offer fair warning: the public are coming after you and the likes of you because we ain’t going take anymore crap. You’d best exit stage Left and close the front door on your way out else gird your loins for what is to come.

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


    1. The reason “the UK public put up with what is fundamentally fascism and tyranny” is that, because we’ve never had a revolution, we are still fundamentally a cap-touching, authority-fearing, don’t-rock-the-boat, I’m-alright-Jack bunch of peasants.

      That is why the British public are so easily swayed by the(gutter) press and the BBC into everything from despising benefit claimants, to swallowing the Russia-gate bullshit whole, to imagining Jeremy Corbyn is actually a threat to national security. If the leader of the opposition was, say, a Blairite, May would’ve been ALLOWED to resign by now. As it is, her enforced continued tenure in No. 10 is a sign of the democratic mask slipping, revealing the power of the Establishment who really have the final say in how this country is run.

      Hitherto, the Labour party has been the Establishment’s placebo for the ignorant masses, kidding them they are partaking in a meaningful, representative democracy, whilst actually acting as the Establishment’s safety valve against any genuine threat (as originally, in the aftermath of the Russian revolution) to its dominance.

      When/if Corbyn makes it into power, we’ll know a de facto revolution has finally taken place in the UK.

  4. If we are all lucky, something disastrous will happen to this Tory Government led by THATCHERS UGLY TWIN MEDUSA MAY!
    I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed.
    I pray for her every night! lol.

    1. Steve H, your link does not work, is it possible for you to try again and re-paste it.

      It looks like a very important record of fact.

      1. Sorry that should read Answered by Steve Brine on 11 October 2017

  5. They are doing everything to privatise out NHS and most of it is underhand! The Tories have no mandate for thi, in fact they have no mandate anything really! They are, under any system of Law, which purports to be fair and just, an illegal Government! We need to stand up and do something about this now and I don’t mean wait to put a X on a bit of paper! The longer we wait the less of an NHS we”l have when the next administration wins a proper majority rather than buying one! Don’t let one’s hands be tied, don’t stand aside! Demand in anyway possible that these Tory crooks resign now or take the consequences!

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