Emergency NHS demo London 3 Feb – W Mids Unite transport arrangements

An emergency demonstration for the NHS has been organised to take place in London on Saturday 3 February in London:

nhs heart.png

The poster’s bloody, uncompromising design reflects the deadly seriousness of the plight of our NHS under the Tories – whose policies are driving nurses out of the NHS and preventing doctors from coming to this country to work in it. The NHS needs us to fight for it.

Union Unite is arranging transport from around the country for its members. As the West Midlands poster above shows, coaches will be leaving West Bromwich, Birmingham and Coventry and places can be booked by calling 0121 647 4832.

From other regions/unions? Put your arrangements in the comments and we’ll post those too.

More details on the demo can be found here.

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  1. PS There are also demos all around the country on the same day (3rd Feb) . In Wirral, for example, https://www.facebook.com/events/157164351576903/
    In Liverpool there WILL be a demo on Friday 2nd – in the city centre, at Carillion’s Royal Liverpool Hospital and outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital – and then some will be heading to London.

  2. Waveney Trades Union Council are organizing a bus, starting from the James Paget, with stops along the route, and can make arrangements to pick up for Saxmundham / Leiston at Friday Market off A12 but need to know ASAP names and numbers.

    If you want to book your place, please call Richard Chilvers on 01502 574010.

    1. Further update: 35 seater coach starting outside Unison office Busy Bees for health workers going and leaving at about 7am
      Lowestoft 7-30 at East Coast Pavilion Coach stop
      Saxmundham at Friday Street Farm Market 8-30 for Leiston/ Bungay list.

      Coach will return at 4pm

      Could you publicise and ask to text me seat requests
      Richard Chilvers

  3. Let’s band together and give the Tory bastards a show of strength that they haven’t seen for many a year! But keep it in mind that one demo won’t do it, no more than putting a bunch of Xs on bits of paper when the ‘powers that be’ allow you to do so! Don’t forget that there are still too many Tory Lites in the present PLP and there’s still too many being selected by Labour in the South West who wouldn’t know a genuine Socialist policy if it got up and bit them! All they’re really into is getting elected so that they can become important and, despite what they may say, run Parliament in exactly the same anti-democratic way as it is run now i.e. as a club for the elite and not a democratic forum for the people! So, more than one show of mass strength needs to be shown and recall of all representatives in Parliament who go against the People (even if it is for our ‘own good’ – and ain’t it always?) needs to be on the agenda! Time to fight, and fight and fight again!

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