Why is BBC ignoring known facts to troll actor Ralf Little for Jeremy Hunt?

The SKWAWKBOX has publicised the Twitter schooling given by actor Ralf Little to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt over Hunt’s false claims regarding mental health provision.

Hunt had boasted – a bad habit of his that never ends well – about his ‘achievements’, so Little listed the deep and fatal flaws in his claims and challenged Hunt to a live, broadcast debate. Hunt ducked the challenge and has continued to do so.

His latest attempt to avoid having to face exposure involved a face-saving operation in an interview with BBC Newsbeat – in which Hunt ignored the fact that Little had already provided extensive evidence of his false claims, in order to insist that Little only had to provide evidence before Hunt would accept his challenge:

Newsbeat mentions the Twitter ‘argument’, so the BBC is well aware that Little had already done exactly what Hunt was asking for in his very first evidential tweet before issuing the debate challenge in the first place:

little 3

FactCheck had already shown Hunt making false claims – and Hunt had already admitted making false claims. So his comments in his interview with Newsbeat were nothing more than a transparent attempt to evade Little’s challenge.


It takes nothing more to work this out than to simply read the first few tweets of the initial confrontation – yet forty minutes or so later, the BBC Politics Twitter account was tweeting to Little as if the evidence Hunt claimed would be the trigger for him accepting the challenge had not been provided since the challenge was made:

bbcpol little

It seems the BBC has gone beyond mere bias and shameless parroting of Tory soundbites and has moved onto trolling concerned citizens on behalf of the falsehood-spouting Tories – even citizens who have already demonstrated themselves to be considerably better informed than the politicians.

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  1. HUnt , a miserable weasel of an excuse for human being & a Tory turd to boot , best flushed and antiseptically disposed of.

  2. Instead of asking Ralph questions he has already comprehensively answered, the BBC would better serve the public interest by asking Mr Hunt ones he hasn’t and challenging him when he habitually lies.

    People are dying as a direct result of Mr Hunt deliberately underfunding the NHS and the BBC is acting as if it is all a big joke.

  3. As I have said before, go to LBC or the World Service if you want real news. The UK BBC is Pravda and we should not pay licence fees.

  4. “Why is BBC ignoring known facts to troll actor Ralf Little for Jeremy Hunt?”

    To answer this question I recommend watching Afshin Rattansi’s interview with John Pllger on his show Going Underground. episode 553 A John Pilger Special that went out on 4/12/17.

    “The BBC​ is and has long been the most refined propaganda service in the world.”

  5. ‘But he called me a liar…’

    You’re also a snidey little wobbly-headed incompetent gobshite, hunt.

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