Hunt still hiding from relentless actor Little after rash ‘double dare’

Two weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX featured Jeremy Hunt’s secondschooling‘ after a rash display of cockiness on social media – the first being a thorough take-down by a junior doctor of Hunt’s fake claims about NHS improvements – by actor Ralf Little after Hunt had .

Hunt rashly ‘double-dared’ (yes, seriously) Little to debate NHS facts after Little challenged Hunt’s already-debunked claims – and then ran for cover after Little dismantled him and challenged him to a live debate.

A week ago, Hunt conducted a long Twitter conversation with himself about NHS ‘achievements’ – but he has conspicuously failed to respond to Little’s offer to debate him in a live broadcast.

If Hunt was hoping Little would lose interest and move on if he hid, he was destined to be disappointed. On Monday morning – in a courteous but relentless way – Little renewed his challenge:


At the time of writing, over two hundred people had responded to Little’s latest tweet. None of them has been Hunt.

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  1. One of Hunt’s greatest gifts is ability to “skulk”. He does it beautifully when leaving hospitals under criticisms, when avoiding JDs who want to challenge him,even when just walking down the road. The Yellow Hyena would be envious.
    We must allow him even more opportunities to practice this undoubted skill.

  2. G’wed ‘Lurch’ , lad…Tear hunt a new one as big as the grand canyon. I’d do it meself, given the platform.

  3. if twitter is the only source of protest then we have reached the end – there’s no hope for a slovenley british population who are happy to have their rights removed and their ncomes cut – roll on the cemetery

  4. Dear Squawkers,
    Do you want a laugh at the ignoramus rights solution to the NHS crisis?
    See LBCs Nick ‘Newspeak’ Ferrari’s drivel yesterday. Now don’t get excited, wait for it……. It is, “employ a team of supermarket accountants”
    as per PwC and Tesco, I guess.
    In the words of his tabloid titillating chum Richard Littlebrain.
    ” You couldn’t make it up”
    Toodle pip, I am off to find employment as a tabloid journalist baiter, to subsidize my state pension.

  5. Today Hunt thinks it might be a good idea to address the blame culture in the NHS.
    “No blame” has been talked about for years as a way to improve outcomes by enabling free and unfettered discussion BETWEEN STAFF about where things went wrong.
    Insurance companies don’t see it quite like that though.
    Denial of liability will be demanded by insurers, justified by commercial confidentiality and enforced by NDA’s if he gets his way with privatisation.
    And of course the same companies will be selling insurance to both parties.
    To misappropriate a recent reply, it IS a hill worth dying for – but maybe we could let Hunt’s side do the dying just this once?

    1. What people miss when they approve of the notion to place the NHS in the hands of private companies, is that the insurance cover from private companies is not infinite: It is possible that they will be half way through their treatment and the cover runs out. This happened to a lovely American friend of mine when he was receiving treatment for bowel cancer: He had used up his insurance allowance and was refused further treatment. Needless to say that he died.
      This has NEVER happened under the peoples NHS. The treatment is covered however long it takes.

  6. Come on Jeremy Hunt, show us all your not a coward, a yellow belly, a spineless git, have the discussion with the man that called you out!
    We the people, want to see it all in glorious colour!

  7. I reckon it’s up to people to case the likes of @krishgm & @jonsnowC4 to spring this on hunt on this next time he pops his wobbly head above the parapet and goes on C4 news for an interview.

    Dunno if it’s been happening on twitter, mind…

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