Hunt scores a(nother) massive own goal with staff-chart tweet

Jeremy Hunt has recently scored enormous own goals with attempted cockiness about the Tories’ handling of the NHS – which is in the midst of the worst winter crisis in years – resulting in a thorough and humiliating ‘schooling’ by first an NHS doctor and later comedian Ralf Little.

Now Hunt – who reportedly begged tearfully to keep his job during Theresa May’s ‘damp squib’ reshuffle and ended up having ‘social care’ added to his title to save the PM’s face – has done it again, with a tweet last night praising a hospital’s ‘clever’ staffing-chart system:

hunt staff.png

What Hunt appears not to have realised is that red and amber sections indicate serious or dangerous staffing levels.

Hunt’s tweet revealed a hospital in crisis – and he thought it was great.

The reaction – hundreds of responses in a mixture of horror and amusement – was immediate:

hunt staff response.png


Many NHS campaigners believe that Hunt’s attrition of the NHS is deliberate and intended to break down the NHS ready for privatisation.

Hunt showed again last night he is also perfectly capable of being staggeringly stupid while carrying out the plan.

But the staffing situation in our NHS – some 40,000 nurses short of full complement and losing 10% of its nurses a year – is no joke.

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  1. Another blunder (ooh that boy is a naughty fellow) from Hunt who is rapidly taking top place in my personal chart of those Tories are totally round the bend! Mind you, there’s so many of them it’s getting more and more difficult to choose just one! Can you have 360 odd people sharing joint First place? We’re in the shit, I think I’ve mentioned this before!

  2. “Many NHS campaigners believe that Hunt’s attrition of the NHS is deliberate and intended to break down the NHS ready for privatisation.”

    Despite finding Jeremy Hunt an utterly reprehensible human being, responsibility for “attrition of the NHS” should not focus on him alone. This is an ideological war, waged collectively by a Tory government and their paymasters.

    Hunt cannot just give more money to the NHS, even if he wants to. And I believe he does (likely not nearly enough, granted), for the entirely selfish reason of not wanting to go down in history as the most despised and inept health secretary in the history of this country. Indeed, there were murmurings at the last budget that he begged hard for more money, but was told to do one by Phillip Hammond after Andrew Stevens made some very public noises about the unsustainability of continued cuts.

    Hunt is just another yes man who will do and say whatever is necessary to toe the party line and keep his bosses happy.

  3. It is not just in England that you have a fool in charge of NHS. We have similar fool in charge in Wales. This fool even turned up at the official Remembrance Service at the Senydd in jeans and brown shoes ( perhaps that says it all) and proven that he also is only there for the money and perks – no real respect and what there is matches his very being-,false. His predecessor who was also no good for NHS ( except bullshitting, which he still does, rather fluently) is even now in charge of Finance – do not all groan together or the gasp may throw the world off balance.
    He has indicated he may even stand to be the future Welsh Leader!!! And to think we have migrants trying to come here to live!!
    With this lot in charge of the country – Tory and Labour ( then even Leanne Woods thinks Wales could go it alone ) we really have no future for our kids. Where are those aliens – perhaps they can sort it out.

    1. Vivian,
      Austerity was passed onto wales by the Tories it’s the same in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  4. What more evidence is required to demonstrate beyond all doubt that hunt (the utter dolt) is beyond all redemption?

    I’m amazed he’s even capable of pushing a turd out into his £40k taxpayer-funded toilet without ballsing THAT up, too.

    Imbecile, halfwit, moron, nincompoop, cretin…There just isn’t a description does anything like justice to the idiot’s (Another one on that list) ineptiude.

    Wobbly-headed, pencil-necked ponce.

    1. He’s an idiot
      But he has history in the privatisation of the health service – it’s a life’s journey for him ad his family – you have to query the brains of people who vote for him as well – he is dangerous and nobody appears willing to stop him – where exactly is the opposition?

  5. Hey Skwarkbox, Namaste 🙂

    An ignorant twat, a failed human being, a hollow lonely man: nothing more than a hunt in name and deed, and a target for the public’s hate and derision.

    Just one more Tory hunt who’ll be fresh meat for the Corbyn grinder. And when Jeremy has finished being political and polite then the public will serve him (and them all) with a version of justice that extends far beyond darkest nightmares and bloody horror. The one consolation for him being he’ll have his ‘friends’ there with him to share his tears and witness his pain. The hunt-house will be overflowing with fear. That is what waits for Tory politicians come the Revolution…they are already hated and that loathing will very quickly change to become revulsion. People will seek retribution.

    Love and Peace and Unmerciful End to Despotic Tory Tyranny!

    Namaste 🙂


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