Hunt ‘double-dares’ actor Little – gets schooling #2, ducks debate challenge

At least two things can be said with certainty about ‘worst Health Secretary in history’ Jeremy Hunt: he appears to still be around ten years old in his head – and he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

Last month, Hunt got cocky on Twitter with an NHS junior doctor – and got thoroughly schooled on the reality of the NHS in a public humiliation that went viral. But it seems he’s learned nothing.

In his latest ‘open mouth, insert foot’ moment, Jeremy Hunt responded to a comment on the NHS by well-known actor Ralf Little with this little gem:

hunt dd.png

I double dare you“? It appears we have a Health Secretary who’s still in primary school. The tweet bore an uncanny resemblance to the one that triggered Hunt’s first, viral schooling:

hunt cocky

We have a Health Secretary of overwhelming hubris and a signal inability to learn.

Little warns his followers to look away – although he says it’s from the ‘stats and facts’ he is about to use, rather than the mauling that Hunt is about to get. And then it begins:

little 2

little 3.png

Hunt already admitted his ‘error’ – then recycled it on social media. We have a very stupid Health Secretary.

little 4.png

Hunt is already skewered – but Little is just getting started:

little 5.png

Little then lays out the fall in mental health doctor numbers and the fact that Hunt can’t even fill available training places for new medics, before applying the coup de grâce on NHS staff numbers:

little 6

Little then attacks Hunt’s claim about the number of people being treated as, essentially, fake news:

little 7.png

And points out that what Hunt calls ‘treated’ is merely people having a ‘contact’ with a doctor – before summarising his dismantling of Hunt’s ill-advised cockiness:

little 8

He then finishes by reminding Hunt that we all know he wants to privatise the NHS – and challenging him to have the courage to defend his nonsense in a live broadcast:

little 9

Hunt’s response – surprise surprise – was to point at other people. There was no sign – surprise surprise – of the frequently AWOL Health Secretary accepting the challenge.

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  1. Well played, Ralf. If only there were more celebrities prepared to take a little time out to highlight the complete billshut they spout and the effects their lies have.

    We don’t get this sort of stuff from edward izzard. But he wants your vote…

  2. Great work from Little.
    The real tragedy is the discussions Little proposes with Hunt will not be aired on public broadcaster BBC… if they were, I am pretty certain they would likely be highly stage managed to control the narrative in favour of Hunt.

    Just a reminder for anyone still confident Hunt (and Stevens) are not engaged in the end game of transfer of NHS model to one similar to US private insurance based system. The privatisation of the NHS began in the Thatcher era when neoliberal ideology became the political consensus.
    2014 Peter Bach film ‘Sell off’ 1 hour and highly recommended fr those who haven’t watched it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ultKvnw2h3Q
    Funding for a follow up documentary “The Great NHS Heist” is needed.

  3. I’ve had to wait for pain relief injections for 5 month on the NHS – I can see the same consultant, using NHS facilities in a matter of days if I pay privately – funny that – amongst many of this governments motttos for us plebs is ‘Pain is Pleasure’ and ‘Suffer with a Smile’ – they are unscrupulous bastards and KingKunt is head of the pile – the NHS is already structurally privatised, the people (non-health) are in place awaiting the takeover

  4. Unfortunately, Hunt has intention of taking up Ralf’s offer.

    If I was only allowed to campaign on one thing, it would be for the NHS to be controlled by the people who have paid for it through taxes on their earnings and the health professionals who work within in it, to ensure:

    that it meet the needs of everyone
    that it be free at the point of delivery
    that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay

  5. The NHS does not just need more money, and if it gets more, this will not help much, as it will mainly be used on its most lucrative privatised parts, which is Mental health.

    All NHS woes are being blamed on funding, and not how that funding is spent and on what.

    Full Fact states only 10% of NHS budget is spent on Mental Health Services, wereas research for my blog shows its more like 20%, particularly, when you add on the latest government boost, and the fact that these services are run by Health and Social Care Trusts like Sheffield Health and Social Care, who is now a private company, and the LA funds are also being used.

    All new inpatient beds are now to private hospitals.

    Whilst the amount spent on GPs keeps decreasing and is now 7 %.


    We also have to consider, if we are receiving adequate mental services for the huge amounts of money spent.

    As the average is £900 per night, I assume based on The Priory, now 85% NHS , celebrity rate.

    £13,000 per week is paid for locked secure wards and £7,000 for others, see my blog, and workers/CQC reports for what is happening in these hospitals, basically locking up and over drugging for a long time.

    Other than this, CSOs on release and a diagnosis often by those employed by the private hospital or their HSCT commissioner, little other services appear available .

    I am a little wary of any organisation like Full Fact that purports to give the absolute truth .

    I did use them in 2009-11 for my own research, and was surprised they were not given charitable status, but then wonder how they eventually managed it in 2014 when they were then quoted on Question Time and are advisors to BBC/ Sky.

    Read more here;


    1. Thank you for your informative comment.
      The current huge number of children who have been diagnosed as having mental health issues is very worrying and it seems to be increasing. Can it really be that we are producing so many more of them now? It’s hard to believe that.
      I have long felt that many children, especially teenagers are wrongly diagnosed as having mental health issues when, in fact, their disruptive behaviour is often a result of inadequate parenting or schooling.
      As a working, single parent mother, I had to deal with three offspring all of whom were misbehaved and disruptive at times. Two of them were sent home from school at different times, and both had been unfairly singled out and publicly been ridiculed by a male who had no business being a teacher.
      It is perfectly natural for children to ‘push the boundaries’, at times and to rebel against unfair treatment.
      All of them are now in their fifties and have turned out to be responsible citizens. I am very proud of them.

      1. Thanks to the Pharma Industry, now our 3rd largest in uk and USA DSM manual, any of the, now 375 deemed ‘conduct ‘disorders are now mental illnesses/disorders and are sectionable under MHA .

        If you read Mad in America, you can see why there is an epidemic, and why we have a huge push for mental health now in the UK.

        Over half USA foster children are on prescribed medication. Here may be similar and it can be effectively enforced by the state on the treat of care orders by LAs.

        More children are being excluded FROM SCHOOL, as our schools are mainly academies- owned by private companies and those excluded can then be placed in special schools earning up to 200,000 a year.

        Meanwhile, all this is done on the back of austerity, as the deficit trebles..

        Aren’t you glad your children are now grown. Thank you for your comment Best wishes Finola

  6. Where’s hindson on this?

    No questions for hunt, hindson? Got plenty to say about everything else, haven’t you? So, let’s hear how hunt’s being ‘wilfully misinterpreted’ or some such garbage, then…


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