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The SKWAWKBOX continues to upset the Establishment in all the right ways. Just in the last couple of weeks:

  • Deputy PM Damian Green launched an unprincipled attack on this blog and the Canary to a roomful of eager ‘MSM’ Westminster journalists – then hid (and continues to hide) from answering for his defamation when we challenged him to justify his comments
  • we published Jeremy Hunt’s ill-advised cockiness – resulting in a ‘schooling’ by a junior NHS doctor, in an article that went viral in both written and video form
  • the SKWAWKBOX exposed anti-democratic measures taken by the Labour right to retain control of an important Labour-affiliated society – followed by our exclusive last night revealing a ‘smoking gun‘ email chain showing existing officers of the society discussing how to arrange the society’s Annual General Meeting to keep out ‘the awkward squad’ who might vote against them
  • we exposed a Tory MP’s hypocrisy in his attack on the excellent Labour MP Laura Pidcock – and the mainstream press’ sneaky changes to its quotes of his words when it realised he/they had their facts wrong
  • we exposed important information omitted by the right-wing media from their presentation of evidence in headline cases
  • we revealed the cracks appearing in the Labour right’s West Midlands bastion as constituency parties start to reflect their left-leaning membership majority
  • exposed the ‘Marie Antoinette’ email sent by Birmingham City Council’s CEO to workers whose pay she is cutting, an underhand trick the council is using to withhold money from its lowest-paid staff and the salary the council pays to provide a chauffeur for the council leader while spending money in court trying to lay off refuse workers

and a lot more. We’re ruffling the right feathers, as the escalating attacks on the blog from various directions show.

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  1. Funny, isn’t it, that these self-same people (tories) are busy complaining about all the abuse they receive? Tories – Unprincipaled, mercinary and plain WRONG

  2. Is it just me, but I suspect other people also, are becoming utterly fed up with the cowardly bunch of ministers that now occupy a seat at at the Cabinet table?

    My reasoning being that they announce very unacceptable policies and then when asked to appear on MSM, especially the BBC, they are never willing to do so.

    Surely as we pay the wages of these cowards we have the right to expect them to step forward and explain their actions especially when they adversely affect so many poor and vulnerable people?

  3. I posted this before, but it is a must see video, you won’t believe what you hear straight from the horses mouth.

  4. Keep up your excellent work! If only all MSM were interested in facts and truth how much more informed we would be and surely the behaviour of the elites would improve!

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