Daily Mail caught out, has to edit Tory Pidcock quote

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Laura Pidcock MP cracks up during an interview with Owen Jones

As the SKWAWKBOX covered earlier today, the Daily Mail and other Establishment media tried a completely unmerited attack on the excellent Labour MP Laura Pidcock today over her absence from this week’s debate, confirmed at the last minute, over Universal Credit and the government’s failure to respond properly to its defeat in last week’s Commons vote.

Ms Pidcock was in Venice with the full permission of Labour whips; it was a trip arranged by her partner for her birthday, before she was even an MP – and Ms Pidcock didn’t miss a vote, just a second debate. She was there for the vote last week, as well as contributing to that debate – while the actual Work and Pensions Secretary failed to vote last week, failed to appear after the vote and failed to appear in this week’s debate for good measure.

A pretty desperate Establishment smear, then.

But it turns out to be even worse than a lame, failed smear – the Mail’s article contained a a factually false quotation.

The article quoted Tory MP Andrew Percy aiming an opportunistic swipe at Ms P – except the swipe then changed, without notice or announcement, into a different swipe.

The original version accused Ms P of hypocrisy on the grounds that she herself had personally criticised Tory MPs for not turning up to last week’s vote:

lp she herself.png

Wouldn’t be hypocrisy in any case, as the Tory MPs failed to turn up for a vote, not merely a debate. But it turned out that Ms Pidcock had made no such accusations at all.

Without any admission of error, the wording on the Mail article suddenly changed:

lp fellow mps

A curious and potentially serious matter. Normally a misquotation or factual error would be noted.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Andrew Percy’s office to find out the facts of the matter. Had he changed his quote? Had the Mail? Some other permutation? Mr Percy has not yet responded, but if an answer is received it will be added.

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  2. This botched hatchet job is very telling indeed.

    It is arguable that the Conservative party is entirely dependent upon the inculcating propaganda of the establishment media, and that without that political ballast the party would sink like a stone and would cease to be a credible electoral force in British politics.

    If, as this story demonstrates, the Tories and their media lackeys are currently too disorganised and incompetent to coordinate even a basic smear campaign then it would appear that the Tory party really is heading towards electoral oblivion.

  3. Tory Troll alert I see that twat Hindson is back again over on The Canary passing his usual dubiously worded comments on this article. Tick tock how long before that bad smell turns up here again.
    Meanwhile in reality land I see the Tory Govt nutters are trialling Airbnb-style schemes to get homeowners to rent spare rooms to ease bed blocking caused from their deliberate underfunding of our NHS . I just wonder if the Laura Piddock attack is the usual ” oooooh look a squirrel ” deflection attempt by the Daily Hate to divert attention from this latest undermining of our NHS.

    1. It’s water off a duck’s back to me, but I think your first paragraph could be categorised as the online abuse which has been so roundly condemned by Mr Corbyn and his party.

  4. Graham Hindson 25/10/2017 at 8:39 pm · · Reply →
    It’s water off a duck’s back to me…

    The privatisation of the NHS, the utility companies, rail network etc, or the thousands of deaths directly attributable to the sanction regime & WCA assessments, and the exponential rise in foodbank use that’s gone with it. Sales of arms to a regime that’s as good as committing genocide and directly funding terrorism, children being abused by westminster paedophiles, people worse off than their parents, or at the very least worse off than they were 7 years ago, the exponential rise in tory borrowing, etc, etc, etc… F*** you lot, my parachute’s open.

    Yes, graham, we know all about it. You’ve made that much abundantly clear.

    Your bleating of ‘abuse’ is water off a duck’s back to me. No conscience, no scruples, no empathy. Act like a two-hat, get treated like one.

  5. CONS and DUPes, liars, bullies, cheats , cripple kickers, job avoiders, aren’ we the lucky ones to have this dispicable excuse for a government in charge?:(:(:(

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