Jeremy Hunt gets cocky – then gets schooled. #NHS

Very few people who know anything about the NHS would dispute the fact that Jeremy Hunt is the most unfit and damaging Health Secretary in history.

For most, it’s a relief when Hunt does one of his frequent vanishing acts – usually when there’s a crisis he’s created. When he does surface, it’s generally to insult, outrage and exasperate those who work in the NHS and those who care about it, with some nonsensical or spout frank untruths about what’s left of our nation’s greatest treasure.

Given Hunt’s recent rebuke for his utterly fallacious claim that the Tories had brought in thirty thousand additional people to work in mental health since they took office in 2010 – when the real number was fewer than seven hundred – you’d expect a little humility from anyone with any integrity.

Not so with Hunt – instead, he’s decided cocky and smug is a good look.

Challenged on Twitter over the Tories’ destruction of the NHS, Hunt responded:

hunt cocky

For now, let’s leave aside that Channel 4’s Fact Check found that Hunt had pulled a dishonest accounting trick, that the number of nurses was barely half Hunt’s claim and that there are enormous shortfalls in numbers.

Hunt’s smarmy and misleading tweet triggered a junior doctor, Dominic Pimenta, to take the idiot politician to school. Never pick an argument with someone far more intelligent and better-informed than you, Mr Hunt – especially when they actually know what they’re talking about and write a blog on it:


But clearly Hunt doesn’t have the nous, because he jumped in with an ill-advised, early riposte, after Pimenta’s first tweet, that was only ever going to be a ‘red rag to a bull’:

hunt pimenta.png

It was like watching a chihuahua bait Godzilla, with predictable results as the torrent followed:



Pimenta then moved into his summing-up – and his assessment, which matches that this blog’s, of Hunt’s place in history:


Hunt was last seen running away, yelping, to lick his wounds in a corner while signally failing to learn any lessons at all – there’s a lot of that about in the Tory government.

But Dr Pimenta’s efforts were not wasted – those with more brain and heart than the clueless Hunt will learn a lot from his rant born of education and experience on the NHS front line.

Hopefully enough to never again let any Tory within a mile of the NHS – and especially not Hunt.

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  1. “Hunt was last seen running away, yelping, to lick his wounds in a corner while signally failing to learn any lessons at all ”

    Hunt does not need or intend to ‘learn lessons’, things are going swimmingly to plan of readying NHS for privatisation and leaving a beleaguered, sparse and basic state health service for those on low incomes.

    When the Tories talk about economic recovery etc. they are speaking from the point of view of the Rentier class they represent. When they talk about British interests they mean Rentier class interests.

  2. The NHS has after the The Health and Social Care Act 2012 been given over for the use of private enterprise, they can use the facilities for up to 49% of any trust’s budget, is it any wonder waiting times for NHS patients has increased. When the Tories came to power thousands of nurses and midwives were given or offered redundancy, shortly after that NHS was flooded with nurses from agencies that were charging an absolute fortune, those nurses positions were not pensionable and they had no working rights including redundancies. they will always be on the basic pay which sidesteps the incremental system. Labour will have a difficult task returning the NHS to a system similar to what we were brought up with, It is sad watching its demise

    1. It will take time to reinstate the NHS, but with proper management and a real Labour party in charge we can bring it back from the brink.

      There is no other alternative, the Tories think they can introduce American companies to take over, they have been talking to Kaiser Permanente, we need to tell them it could be a costly mistake for them because we just won’t put up with it.

  3. magnificent – give that doctor a plated stethoscope

    On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 10:45 PM, The SKWAWKBOX wrote:

    > SKWAWKBOX posted: “Very few people who know anything about the NHS would > dispute the fact that Jeremy Hunt is the most unfit and damaging Health > Secretary in history. For most, it’s a relief when Hunt does one of his > frequent vanishing acts – usually when there’s a crisis ” >

  4. Jeremy Hunt was a contributor to a Tory publication ‘Direct Democracy”. One of the paragraphs in the book said “Our ambition should be to break down the barriers between private and public provision, in effect DENATIONALISING the provision of health care in Britain, so extending to all the choices currently available only to the minority who opt for private provision”.

    There is no doubt that Hunt and the Tories want to privatise the NHS. To do that they plan to run it down first.

  5. I think J. Hunt knows that he’s underfunded the NHS – its all part of his plan to dismantle it. He’s hoping to make the staff so stressed that they’ll leave and the private companies will hoover up what is left. Plus he’s hoping that enough of the public won’t be watching and will say “Oh the NHS doesn’t work however much money we put into it – let’s go private”. That’s what I think.

  6. Nurse NURSE QUICK QUICK Hunts off his medication again !! , pse someone just put him out of his misery and sack the TWAT

  7. Under Jeremy Hunt’s management of the NHS, 30,000 people die avoidable deaths every year*.

    This would seem to leave Mr Hunt open to the charge of corporate manslaughter.

    *Source: Royal Society of Medicine.

  8. When they’re told where they’re going wrong and do nothing about it – that’s wilful neglect.

    When they’re told that if they continue in that direction, people will die as a result, but they carry on regardless – Then that’s malice aforethought.

    The toerags (Every man jack of them) ought to be had up on genocide charges for what they’ve done to both the NHS and welfare

  9. The Tories are quick to say they are funding the NHS but refuse to say how much of that funding is going out the other end as profit, It is really another way of extracting funding for the private sector from the taxpayer.

  10. No, he’s not run. He’s currently trying to force the local council to improve a local village road. There has recently been a fatal accident on this busy A road, but no evidence its worse than many other busy rural village A roads waiting for their turns at improvements, or maybe pothole repairs!

  11. Such a vile and weak little man who lies habitually. He seems to take pleasure in causing maximum hurt to others who are less fortunate than he is. Could you imagine this little worm actually doing a job?

  12. “…those with more brain and heart than the clueless Hunt”
    Kudos to whoever managed to type that without the temptation of the obvious transposition error slipping through..

  13. I’m giving a talk for medics and frankly all healthcare providers on workforce redistribution – would this be of interest to anybody because we really need to act!

    “As technology changes the way the world works and globalism becomes the full reality, a 30% reduction in human work force will be our challenge in 2030. This time will fly people. Medics are the future of works: Looking forward to inspiring you to be the current future of work! Medics hold the power to really challenge how we move forward in this post-industrialisation era and be the force that introduces compassion as a currency. For those of you who know about future of works, there will also be plenty on resilience which we will all need in order to ensure the next 20 years of redistribution remains humane!

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