Another MSM swipe at SKWAWKBOX and what it illustrates

An interesting item popped up in the Twitter feed this morning. The New Statesman‘s deputy editor had had a bit of a ‘pop’ at the SKWAWKBOX on Wednesday – it came up this morning because a follower replied and ‘tagged’ the blog:


It’s a bit feeble, of course. The part of the article Ms Lewis showed in her tweet says “it’s unlikely” – and as a commenter on the article pointed out when it went up, ‘live’ feeds usually have a built-in delay to allow the feed to be switched if there’s a mishap or incident. Which we pointed out:


Of course, the point about ‘it’s unlikely’ wasn’t addressed. And another respondent noticed the logical and moral hole that was dug by the claim to be aware of broadcast delays in live feeds:


If the intent was to scoff, it didn’t go too well. Nor was it too in keeping with some self-described ‘humble pie’ Ms Lewis professed to eat just after the General Election:


Of course, it appears she was paying attention – but perhaps not in a way in keeping with ‘humble pie’. It’s interesting that the mainstream has such an interest in our ‘take’ on events – and often can’t make up its mind whether to respect it, mock it or, in some cases, to smear it.

But there’s a side to this that doesn’t get aired often enough. When Ms Lewis made her ‘humble pie’ mea culpa, a response by the excellent @angelcakeliverpool gave pithy expression to the human side of issue:


The BBC’s Nick Robinson has written a couple of pieces lately blaming the SKWAWKBOX and other independent left sites for the collapse of public trust in mainstream journalism.

As we pointed out, even the BBC’s own analysis exposes the bias to which that collapse can be largely attributed – but another significant contributor is the disdain that the ‘MSM’ persistently showed for those who believed – to borrow Labour’s phrase – that ‘another way is possible’.

Ms Lewis’ mea culpa was typical of many that appeared from mainstream journalists in the aftermath of the supposedly ‘shock’ General Election result, but most have been settling back to their old positions like water after a stone has been thrown into it – and with the settling the disdain has started to appear again.

It’s a pity, but hardly unexpected.

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  1. The MSM dug its own grave, but their habitual arrogance prevents them from seeing that, let alone admitting it.
    And an apology? Hardly likely.

  2. More social media please. Robinson is going insane that his voice is not the only one that counts. You can only guess at the arrogance this person generates in front of his bathroom mirror.

  3. Its a shame this is where the MSM are right now. Searching for the most slanted angle to create a smear story. One day they will have to report a genuine story of substance and i for one wont believe them. Keep up the brilliant work SKWAWKBOX . POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  4. It was very kind of Helen to leave the link to subscription/donation page for Skwawkbox. Hope she got you some well earned new business, perhaps you should do commissions.

  5. What was the point of your original post? In it you acknowledge that the BBC was “unlikely” to have had prior knowledge of the falling letter, and the seven second delay was obviously an afterthought that you didn’t see the need to mention in the post. So what made it an “interesting” coincidence? (And you haven’t addressed Helen Lewis’s point that it was a pooled feed not under BBC control)

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