MSM’s relative silence over #TorySexPests – imagine if it was Labour

The Establishment media has been covering the ‘dossier’ provided to Theresa May detailing thirty-six alleged Tory ‘sex pests’ – sleazebags and offenders to most of us.

Sort of.

But could you imagine the kind of coverage and circus that would be going on right now if it was thirty-six – or even six – Labour MPs and front-benchers?

This tweet by the excellent ‘Rachael_Swindon‘ account sums it up perfectly:

rs scandal bias.png

If it wasn’t already – it was – the idea that the ‘MSM’ are not biased is dead in the water. Including the BBC. After all, we expect the billionaire-owned press to be biased, but the BBC claims impartiality with only the most desultory attempts to pretend it.

The BBC News channel ignored the Cameron/pig’s head scandal. It barely registered the Tory electoral expense scandal for months – or the Tory-Blue Telecoms illegal election canvassing scandal that followed it. Jared O’Mara and Clive Lewis featured prominently – but the tone and extent of coverage change markedly when it’s a Tory scandal.

It’s been clear to those paying any kind of objective attention for a long time, through the composition of Question Time audiences and panels; in the people BBC News uses for its review of newspaper headlines; in the skewed nonsense of Daily Politics and Newsnight; in the continued treatment of the Tory student-debt lie as fact; in the rabid coverage of Diane Abbot’s numbers slip and the non-reaction to outright idiocy and blunders by Liz Truss, Michael Fallon and Philip Hammond – and even Theresa May forgetting where she was; in the Tory-saturated management of news and politics programming and in the attacks by senior BBC figures and even its chair on the independent left media.

But this muted reaction to well over one tenth of Tory MPs, including three front-benchers, being named in a ‘sex-pest list’ is surely the final nail in the coffin of the myth that the BBC is in any way neutral.

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  1. As ever we see the Press with a considerable bias to those they support and who abuse the public. I am ever sceptical about media and TV because one has to dig to get to the truth.

  2. I think this Zelo-Street piece is thought provking as a possible part of the explanation for what may be going on with the Tory ‘sex pest’ story agenda.
    It is obvious to me that inappropriate sexual behaviour in Parliament is unlikely to be limited to Tories, though it pains me to say it. The Tory ‘sex pest’ story is out but being kept largely in slow burn mode which limits damage, however, the coverage can change at any time.

    I am not a subscriber to the belief that BBC is solely a Tory supporting organ, I believe it is an ‘establishment’ (currently neoliberal/neocon) supporting outlet.

    1. Maria: You imply that the Tory Party ISN’T the political wing of the Establishment…… But THAT is precisely what it is. As was Blair and his New Labour chums who hi-jacked the Labour Party.

      1. I wrote a long reply and it disappeared into the ether, probably for the best.
        I most certainly did not mean to imply the Tory party is not the party of wealthy vested interests and their support, PR and lobbying structures (the establishment), it was formed by them.

        PLP and party structures are not immune to the pressures the ‘establishment’ exerts, especially now the lobbying and revolving door cultures have become so entrenched in parliament and political classes during the neoliberal era.

  3. Perhaps they are saving the reaction to Labour sexpests for any future election, when historical rumours will be dragged up as facts in quotes.


    Well, eleanor garnier works for the beeb, too…

    …Jus’ sayin’

  5. As for the BBC, whilst infiltrated by the Right in many areas regarding it’s news output – as it increasingly has been during the course of the past twenty years or so – the Establishment’s propaganda machine still attacks it every opportunity it gets for left-wing bias or for the amount of “license payers” money it pays to various celebrities etc who work for the BBC etc, etc.

    The point is of course that the PTB are trying to erode support for the BBC not only amongst those that read The Sun and The Mail etc – which have been criticising and vilifying the BBC for decades – but also amongst those on the Left and Centre Left who for many years regarded the BBC as neutral and unbiased and, as such, a reliable source of news.

    And apart from anything else, you can be sure that the corporate elite do not like programs like Watchdog and Rip-Off Britain one tiny bit.

    And THIS of course is all part of their long-term plan to undermine our only public broadcaster before ‘dismantling’ it one way or the other, which will of course be more than a little lucrative to the Murdochs et al!

    1. My biggest political gripe in the country is with the media which I believe has been the major factor in destroying Britain as a democratic country. However, is it institutionally bias in that instructions or direction come from the top, or is it simply that it is inhabited by a clique of public school educated, like-minded, conservatives? I suspect more of the latter than the former although there is no question at all that the higher echelons of the BBC are currently managing an anti-corbyn anti-left political agenda. (There are many reasons why this might be)

  6. The following story about Zac Goldsmith was covered by The Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Guardian and the Morning Star. BUT was NOT covered by the London Evening Standard and the rest of the corporate right-wing press (I don’t know if the BBC or Sky News etc covered it).

    You only have to read it to understand why THEY decided not to inform their millions of readers about it:


    If it had been the Labour candidate for London Mayor you can be 100% sure it would have been all over their front pages.

  7. Edit: What I meant to say was that: ‘If it had been the Labour candidate for London Mayor in a similar situation…..’

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