MSM assistant editor lets slip the truth about mainstream journalism

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You already knew – but now it’s confirmed

This morning, the SKWAWKBOX published a follow-up to our August interview with Laura Pidcock, the Labour MP for North-West Durham. In that initial interview – which was termed by one right-wing outlet ‘the interview that launched a thousand comment pieces‘ – Ms P stated that she had no intention of befriending Tory MPs as their policies were wrecking the lives of her constituents. And in an interview released today, she maintained that attitude – and quite right too.

But in the background preparation for this morning’s piece, I came across one of the ‘thousand comment pieces’ – ironically, one that bemoaned the fact of the comment pieces – by the ‘i‘s ‘Assistant Comment Editor’ Eleanor Doughty, titled:

“It’s essential to have friends of all political persuasions.”

Ms Doughty, by her own description a right-winger, manages to miss the point and criticise the same straw man in the same way all the other right-wingers did – writing as if Ms Pidcock said anything about Tory voters, when in fact she was talking specifically and explicitly about Tory MPs.

Ms Doughty – still missing the point – pats herself on the back for having ‘lefties’ for friends, forgetting that lefties are not the ones demonising and impoverishing the poor, disabled and vulnerable.

But in her eagerness to signal her ‘they’re all the same’ virtue, she lets a very interesting truth slip out, almost in passing:


Yes, you read that right. Ms Doughty – not merely a journalist but an assistant editor – just admitted that ‘many’ journalists take their storylines from the Daily Mail and would be short of stories without it.

Not investigative journalism. Not even original thought.

The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail that called judges, not Tory MPs, ‘enemies of the people’ for doing their job of upholding the law:


The collapse of trust in journalism among the public was recently blamed by Conservative BBC presenter Nick Robinson on the SKWAWKBOX and other left publications, even though the BBC’s own analysis of itself betrayed a consistent pro-Tory bias that has much to do with that collapse.

But most left-leaning people intuit or perceive that much mainstream journalism is little more than the lazy regurgitation of right-wing propaganda treated as fact – and because of that, they know not to trust it.

That intuition or perception was confirmed, in what is presumably a written ‘Freudian slip’ – by an ‘MSM’ assistant editor, no less.

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  1. On Wirral we’ve got a host of right wing Labour councillors – some of whom tried to have Paul Davies and other Corbyn supporters expelled on bogus charges – joining Momentum! It’s done to keep their allowances in fine fettle for the future. What price principles? Very cheap when it dawns on you that your place at the public money trough is under threat.

    So will a similar opportunism be deployed by failing MSM journalists? Will they soon be hanging up their poison pens and beating down the door at Skwawkbox or The Canary desperate for a job when the tide turns completely and the public has stopped buying their dreamt up stories?

  2. The Daily Mail was one of the rags which ran the fake news item accusing Miko Peled of anti-Semitic comments at a Conference fringe event. Who should then pick it up and jump in with both feet, threatening to ban the Labour Party in future – Brighton Labour council Leader Warren Morgan!

    I was at the event, unlike Warren Morgan, and prior to Miko Peled who is Jewish – born and brought up in Jerusalem – speaking, the audience were asked to please speak up if they regarded anything that was said during the lecture to be antisemitic. Not one person in the largely Jewish audience complained.

    During the first PM’s questions after the Conference, on national television Theresa May, referencing Morgan’s remarks threatening withdrawal of the Brighton conference venue, gleefully attacked the Labour Party for anti-Semitism!

    Councillor Morgan is from the right wing of the Labour Party and for reasons best known to himself he has deliberately and outrageously tried to conflate the Labour Party and anti-Semitism and by giving Theresa May ammunition he has brought the party into disrepute and should therefore be expelled.

  3. Mainly because of Blair, right wing Zionist groups in the Labour Party such as the JLM and the LFI, who have no time for Jeremy Corbyn, have had far too much say. Consequently Jews on the left, the JVL and FSOI who do support Corbyn have had enough of their corrosive activities and are now speaking out demanding to be heard.

    This of course has upset the Zionists and has resulted in a barrage of fabricated accusations of antisemitism against anyone, including Jews, who disagree with them. Out of fear, we must not cower and act meekly against these accusations. We must speak out strongly and demonstrate to the public the that the Zionist groups have only one aim in mind, because he supports the Palestinians, it is to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming PM.

  4. Once upon a time, not long ago, our local Newspapers were owned by the Daily Mail Group, it is now under I think the Mirror group and due to falling circulation, (people can’t afford to or don’t want to pay for right wing propaganda) have stopped buying local papers. Therefore a 6 day edition has been reduced to one weekly paper only, introduced last week, which is sad for me, because colleagues who write letters in the letters page are now getting published, whereas under the Daily Mail nothing vaguely anti Tory ever got passed the editor.

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