Independent media or the BBC to blame for trust collapse? Take a look

As the SKWAWKBOX pointed out earlier, the BBC’s Nick Robinson blames independent (and almost exclusively left) media for the collapse in public trust of the ‘MSM’ (mainstream media) – but the BBC’s own report on its activities damns the state broadcaster’s failure to even approximate impartial, even-handed treatment of Labour and the Tories.

That report is deeply incriminating – but it’s by no means the limit of available evidence on the subject. The graphic below summarises just a few of the additional ‘failures’ that have characterised the BBC’s behaviour with regard to its political reporting:

bbc bias.png

Point number 9 is particularly apposite, given Mr Robinson’s new attribution of blame to the independent media for the fact that public trust in the MSM is at what must be an all-time low. A week is a long time in politics but it seems 22 months is an eternity in political reporting.

Finding examples of BBC impartiality-failures is a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Yet it’s the SKWAWKBOX and other independent media who are to blame for pointing out when yet another cod is crammed into it.


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  1. No one Trusts BBC anymore because they are witnesses to how it operates. In the past without social media and the increasing democratisation of the media, establishment organisations could rely on those in said establishment to not highlight their shortcomings. Now establishment organisations like the BBC realise that they are no more powerful than Jacky on Facebook. Their monopoly is ended.

  2. Skwawky, if you think robinson’s a hypocrite and blame-shifter, try debating the same points you’ve raised with roger philips on bbc radio murkeyside…

    When someone complains about the bbc standards of reporting or lack of their supposed impartiality, philips asks where the person got their information from.

    Now, if they say: “It was on the internet” but without giving an exact source (It could even be from the bbc themselves – in one case it actually was but I forget what it was about, now – phillips will immediately dismiss it as fake news.

    If they say it was in one of the ‘usual suspect’ RW rags (Excess, heil but extremely rarely the other pile o’shaite) phillips will invariably reply: “Oh it MUST be true then – I wouldn’t trust them as far…”

    However, whenever he’s unsure of some fact or other (NOT relating to a complaint about the ‘beeb’, but about some tall tale or other) it’s: ‘Hang on, I’ve just googled it – Yes, here it is in the daily heil…’ and will then proceed as though it was the gospel.

    And even he’s still in a job, too. :/

  3. So, nick – after those 10 reasons, plus savile etc…What have you to say about your employers contracting bullies to extort licence fees from people to pay your overinflated salary, and fund the profligacy and largesse of you, kuenssberg and your bosses?

    I don’t remember your whine about this daily heil investigation??


    At least this site – and many like it, rely on VOLUNTARY donations.

    Whinge all you like, nick, but even more people are getting tired of your state-funded**, tory, elitist-influenced bullshit.

    **Hopefully not much longer.

  4. Hey Skwarkbox,

    Independent journalism and independent media broadcasting are the way forward: the electorate have lost trust in politically engineered media like the BBC. As Ian Walker comments above, the BBC no longer have a monopoly and hence have diminished presence and a greatly reduced impact on discerning minds. The more citizens engage with active reporting, with photographic and video evidence the smaller the Government become. The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for the Electorate to exploit and utilise to share Truth. Where then will a government hide its shame, its lies, its incompetency, its woeful neglect of the UK people whom it is meant to serve.

    I say gather your evidence, publish it online, email it to your MP, bombard them with letter after letter and publish your responses online….let the world see what answers politicians give to questions requiring Truthful answers and their own signatures at the bottom of the page. I would also suggest people write to all government departments asking big questions, making bigger complaints, and publishing the responses they receive for the world see online. I’ve no doubt it will highlight inconsistencies with the Truth we hear through official sources, between that which is reported and that which is fabricated, padded, or just plain old invented.

    Has anyone thought about Crowd-funding to set up a People’s Broadcasting Company – one run by the people for the people promoting Socialist issues and humanitarian principles? I have no TV myself, so this may already be happening, if so, leave me the details. Thanks.

    Namaste 🙂


  5. Let us be quite honest and forthright on this issue.

    As evinced by Skwawkbox, the BBC has cosied up to the Conservative Party to such a degree that it would be fair to describe the BBC as an organisation stuffed to the brim with Tory lackeys.

    It is simply too rich for Nick Robinson to bleat on about independent media being at fault. The blame for the loss of trust in the BBC lies squarely at the door of the BBC.

    It has become nothing more than a grubby, low grade propagandist for the Tories.

    Nick’s pathetic blame dodging doesn’t butter any parsnips and indicates that he either has no insight whatsoever, or that he is quite happy to to continue to be a Tory bootlicker.

  6. is there any way i can avoid paying the bbc £140 a year . What if we all stop paying !

  7. Brilliant work, both this and the statistical report from earlier. Here are a few more bits of evidence from this week.

    Exhibit A: Laura Kuenssberg ‘s elusive bodyguard. Almost every paper ran the story that she had one, based on a Sun article and an anonymous source. I can find no follow-up to the numerous sightings of Laura at Conference without one, as reported by Seema Chandwani and others: https://mobile.twitter.com/SeemaChandwani/status/912218488009363456?p=v

    Exhibit B: The distaste shown by Jo Coburn on the Daily Politics for Jeremy Corbyn’s keynote speech. In expression and in her choice of words, her analysis was that of someone who’d been dragged through a field waist-deep in horseshit on the way to the studio.

    Exhibit C: Question Time, same as every week. Today in particular it was allowing the lie to stand multiple times that Corbyn had somehow fooled students into voting for him with the fees abolition pledge and NME comment on debt, Dimbleby’s look of fear as Ian Lavery answered an NHS question, and the decision to allow so many ranting embarrasments to humanity to recite tabloid slogans.

    Finally, this was the week that Labour presented a framework of how they would govern. Social justice, inclusion, protecting the vulnerable, collective hope and aspiration were at its heart. Yet the only BBC discussion I saw in this spirit was on an NFL show where two ex-pros explained the principles and defended the First Amendment rights of those footballers who chose to ‘take a knee’. The fair questioning and respect shown by sports presenter Mark Chapman was an example his political colleagues would do well to follow.

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