One more thought on media’s #Abbott nonsense: May forgot where she WAS #GE17

The media have still been carping on about Diane Abbott’s wobble during an LBC interview, when she mixed up some fairly tricky figures. Wasn’t Diane’s finest hour, for sure.

But just the other day, Theresa May forgot where she was. Here’s the footage again:

Of course, that was reflected in the “PM’s senior moment” headlines in the newspapers and every half hour on TV and radio news.

Oh. No, that’s right – it wasn’t.

If you needed further proof that the majority of the mainstream media are Tory glove-puppets, case closed.

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  1. The media’s response to the interview demonstrates perfecly that its priorities are not the priorities of the population of the UK.

    The public and the Labour Party want 10,000 extra police on the streets to keep people safe. The media would rather prattle on for the whole of the day of the announcement about a completely harmless gaffe.

    The media has rather given its game away with its attacks on Diane Abbott. A handful of people own our media. Yesterday we saw that those people place cheap political point scoring above the safety and security of the public.

  2. Anybody seen BoJo lately. we need him for another of his gaffes. He has disappeared. I wonder why? Dianes interview was a car crash end of. We need to refocus the debate on the tory record on benefits and the public services including the NHS. The party has to offer new thinking on the NHS as it needs to be managed better. The tories have got away with murder behind brexit. The party has to take the fight to the tories. Interesting to see who comes out fighting on the labour side. Those who don’t need to go.

  3. I would go farther and write, “between them both May is far worse than Abbott!”
    Diane Abbott being a Labour MP doesn’t get much airtime thank goodness!
    May on the other hand, it goes without saying!
    She looses it on screen in more ways than one in between her face contortions and jaw movement you know she’s not fit to RULE!
    The lies, untruths and fake news are what the Tories are about, for those who think they aren’t WAKE UP!
    She has that horrible habit of REPEATING HERSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
    Does she think we the VOTER are DEAF OR DAFT?

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