The SKWAWKBOX in 2017 – important update


2017 has seen this blog go from relative obscurity to what now seems to be regarded as one of the main sources of news and information for the left. We’ve featured on BBC News and been mentioned by a surprising array of pundits, politicians and others.

The SKWAWKBOX has also been one of the main disruptors of those who want to hamper, or even better end, the resurgence in left-wing politics that has shocked the Establishment since Jeremy Corbyn took the Labour leadership in 2015.

The SKWAWKBOX’s enemies and friends alike have said that the information revealed here is a thorn in the side of MPs and others trying to undermine Labour and its leader, such as this quote from Buzzfeed featuring a disingenuous but telling quote from a ‘moderate’:


That effectiveness is a massive privilege – and has posed huge challenges.

The support and positivity from huge numbers of people are incredible. Here are just a few of the good things people have said about the SKWAWKBOX and its output:


If you want to see more feedback from readers, click here.

The success of the blog has also been the trigger for an increasing number of attacks on it by the right, with attack-pieces in the Murdoch press and the Mail, as well as allegations of fake news in other mainstream publications – all of which have had to attack what they claim the SKWAWKBOX has said, rather than what it actually said.

Some of those attackers have had to eat humble pie and publicly withdraw their defamatory claims. Others we’ve ignored as being transparently agenda-driven.

The attacks have seemed designed to target two things: the credibility of this blog and its donations. The attacks on credibility have backfired, both because of those public retractions and because the very same publications often then use the SKWAWKBOX as a credible source for their own stories – or, even more often, end up playing catch-up on news that we’ve broken.

The attacks on donations were part of the assault on credibility, but also through the attempt of the S*n and M*il to present the SKWAWKBOX as the hobby of a ‘corporate boss’. The S*n even called this blog’s editor a ‘tycoon’.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The testimonials article previously pinned to the top of the homepage says that this blog runs on passion, lack of sleep, coffee and the support of its readers. That’s truer than ever, as the increasing scope and reach of the blog continually enlarges the scale of the task.

There’s also been an important attack on the left independent media in the form of changes to the way Facebook propagates articles. Last week a government minister told BBC Radio 4 that Facebook had been ‘very co-operative’ – which might be entirely unconnected to the fact that followers of this blog and others have stopped being notified of new articles unless they set their ‘follow’ preference to ‘see first. Or it might not.

So if you want to follow the SKWAWKBOX and get around the new Facebook hindrance, see here for the changes you need to make to your Facebook settings.

What does the rest of 2017 and beyond hold? Almost certainly the unexpected – but the SKWAWKBOX will continue to try to bring Labour members, supporters and our wider society the information that the Establishment would prefer to keep hidden.

If you would like to support the SKWAWKBOX’s work and can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your support so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.


  1. And Love him or Leave him, Jeremy Corbyn is making inroads in the downfall of this vile Tory Govt that cannot be denied and why the attacks on the left are in abundance.

    We as members just have to shake it off and debunk the lies and many many words taken out of context and carry on follow the path Jeremy Corbyn has shown countless times is there.

    Onwards and Upwards Thank You Skwawkbox

  2. Thank you for being the honest voice of the left. When every single one of the MSM outlets abandoned what was left of their integrity, it was a real pleasure to find you.

  3. The great strength of Swawkbox is that your stories are backed up by solid, cited, sources, and where they can’t be, any speculation is admitted to be just that – but still backed up with circumstantial evidence.
    Sadly, this contrasts with so many other ‘Left’ sources claiming to be news, that rely on rumour, click-bait and endlessly repeated tired insults against enemies of *real* progress.
    Keep up the good work, and don’t compromise on good journalism!
    (I know you won’t!).

  4. Skwawkbox is a reliable source and essential reading.

    This blog is often ahead of the pack and is a key resource for Labour Party members and supporters who want to help return a Corbyn led Government.

    When that government is returned, Skwawkbox will be due credit for playing an influential part in that success.

  5. Slightly off topic but Chuka Umuna has just tweeted that his constituency had the highest remain vote in the country.

    That is clearly a factually incorrect claim to make as the EU referendum results were returned on a Local Authority basis, not a constituency basis.

    I am surprised nobody has pulled him up on his false statement.

    1. It could be an honest mistake. But it is right that he should be challenged over it.

  6. Hi, I rely on your site for the truth of whats going on in the party and what the government is up to. I have given you a small donation to help you keep doing what you do.

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