Urgent: change your FB settings now if you want to see your favourite Left sites

Mike at the excellent Vox Political site has spotted a change to Facebook’s processes that means, whether by design or accident, that Facebook users are far less likely to see posts by their favourite independent, left-wing news outlets – unless they make a change to the settings that control their feeds.

Mike writes:


Normally the SKWAWKBOX stats show a ratio of around four or five visitors via Facebook for every one via Twitter. Over the last few days that has dropped to around one and a half Facebook referrals to every Twitter visitor. Mike appears to have uncovered the reason why.

So, as a matter of urgency – both so you don’t miss your favourite articles and to make sure your favourite independent left-wing sites are supported as they need to be:

Go to the main Facebook page of each of your favourite outlets and change those settings to ‘see first’. The SKWAWKBOX’s Facebook page is here.

Then please share this article to your contacts – on Facebook and on Twitter – so everyone knows to do the same. Whether it’s incompetence, unintended consequences or by design, Facebook will keep your favourites out of your sightline if you don’t.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your support so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.


14 responses to “Urgent: change your FB settings now if you want to see your favourite Left sites

    • The “see first” option appears under the button marked following on the page in question – click “following” and a drop down menu appears with a list of options – make sure yours is set to ‘see first’, as mine now is.


  1. I spotted this last week. Many groups don’t have ‘see first’ you have to go and edit notification settings, then change to see all notifications. As in photos below. [Image][Image]

    Angie Ray. ________________________________


  2. Zuckerberg & farcebook – Along with the odious jeremy kyle, simon cowell, and certain others (Conservative MP’s & voters for example) – the root cause(s) of all that’s wrong with society these days.

    As for Mike Sivier – no time for him at all. Too ‘conservative’ with his comments section. Won’t allow posts that aren’t ‘moderate’ enough for him.


    • Huh?

      >>As for Mike Sivier – no time for him at all. Too ‘conservative’ with his comments section. Won’t allow posts that aren’t ‘moderate’ enough for him.

      He is very disabled friendly and I would say true left wing Labour. If you mean he won’t write the so-called centrist junk on his site GOOD! There are enough sites to promote that stuff like Labour list ugg..


      • No, I mean he won’t put up anything of – shall we say – ‘A different tangent’ to his.

        I have had posts most critical of so-called ‘labour moderates’ not put up on several occasions when I was a regular poster (Under a different pseudonym but with the same email address) on his site a few years back – around the time just before & just after he changed the web address.

        I have been critical of bliar’s Govt and not had them put up on there. I have made posts with detailed criticism from first hand experience of the work programme and A4e not put up on there. In the end he stopped putting up any of my posts. I even questioned him and asked for a reason and he didn’t deign to reply – or post my reasonable question.

        I went back to his site recently and posted as ‘The Toffee’, which went up. Then he must’ve got wise to my email address or something because he was up to his old tricks again a day or so later…


  3. I am getting people saying this happened two years ago, as if its fake news that has been printed and its false to suggest a ‘conspiracy’. Can you follow up on this with more information because I would hate to have people cut out of getting information because it was thought this is fake news. Important.


  4. Have changed mine several times over past few day,s but keeps reverting back to “Default”


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