SKWAWKBOX is front-page news – again

The Murdoch press can’t seem to make its mind up about the SKWAWKBOX.

A couple of weeks ago, the S*n decided to follow the Mail Online in publishing an attack article against the SKWAWKBOX and its editor – and ended up having to make an embarrassing retraction for false claims. Some of the claims have not yet been retracted, so the situation is ongoing.

Today, another branch of the group mentioned this blog on its front page as the underpinning for a laughably-slanted article about a ‘hard left’ plot against Tom Watson – when in fact, a challenge to Tom Watson’s deputy leadership by Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry would merely be the exercise of Labour’s democratic processes:

times sbox


The Times covered the news revealed by the SKWAWKBOX of re-emerging reports of a challenge by Ms T – on which more to follow shortly.

Maybe the Times learned a lesson from the retraction by its sister publication. Maybe it’s simply an act of convenience in yet another weak attempt to paint Corbyn’s supporters as ‘hard left’.

But the fact that this blog can be smeared as fake news, then become an authoritative source a couple of weeks later to a member of the same media group, probably says as much about the motives of the right-wing media as about anything.

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  1. Skwawkbox,

    You richly deserve the mainstream coverage for all of your hard work over the years. Of course, being called fake by The Mail and The Scum (pots and kettles eh?) improves your reputation all the more. It also shows that they genuinely fear the truthful, honest reporting on this site. They know that their propaganda rags are losing legitimacy. Their desperate, divisive, hate-filled “reporting” during the general election, which extended to calling Corbyn a “terrorist sympathiser” and not much more, has proven to many that they have no credibility left. More and more people are turning to trustworthy sources outside of the MSM. Sources like your own.

    You have regularly drawn attention to events that the mainstream media haven’t dared to touch because of their dodgy billionaire backers. Not only have you proven yourself to be a trustworthy source, but you have also helped to keep up morale among fellow Corbynistas. Back when we were being arrogantly pilloried, patronised, jeered at, mocked and insulted from all angles by both the Tories and the Labour right, it was always a relief to hear a voice that supported the progressive, humane values of hope that Corbyn and his supporters have always believed in.

    So far, history has proven us to be correct. The British people are sick and tired of relentless cuts to their services, and they are tired of billionaires getting away with their crimes. They are tired of Tory corruption, criminality and their sweetheart deals. This broken, nihilistic, corrupt and incompetent government are clearly on their last legs. The DUP bribe was yet another insult to add to their long list of failings. They are morally bankrupt, contemptuous of the people they supposedly govern for, and completely bereft of ideas.

    I am certain that we will have a true socialist Labour government soon. Not merely that, but we will have a strong socialist government who will win by a landslide and will govern for at least a decade.

    During that time, OUR Labour party will use their mandate to fix the mess that the Tories have created. In no small part, this is happening because of Skwawkbox, as well as the millions of other activists working every day to make the world a kinder place to be.

    I’d sincerely like to thank you all for that. Long may it continue!

    1. well said !! excellent statement and it puts the tory trolls like Graham Hindson back in the box where they belong . I note the twat has now moved over to The Canary and started much the same campaign there as he did here . Must warn the good folks on the Canary of his record

  2. You are like the anti virus in the blood stream. Your supported by an ever increasing immunity to these MSM-bacteria. Keep up the GOOD work.

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