#SchrodingersCap Tory chaos as May u-turns on her #uturn

Theresa May’s government clearly doesn’t need a ‘coalition of chaos’ – she and her party are more than capable of chaos without any help from anyone.

Faced with an always-strong (but now at last recognised as such) Jeremy Corbyn, the Tories appear to be in frank panic about his proposed Queen’s Speech amendment (which if passed would bring down the government) to remove the Tories’ years-long public-sector (freeze then) pay-cap.

The Tories at first u-turned on their plan to maintain a 1% cap on public sector pay – then u-turned on the u-turn (an ‘o-turn’?) by announcing that they were not changing their policy.

This confounded even Tory-friendly ITV political editor Robert Peston:

peston cap.png

Even those who were present at a press briefing organised later to clarify the goverenment’s position were not the least bit wiser:

spence cap.png

This led one wag to dub the Tory policy (for want of a better word’ ‘Schrodinger’s cap’ – a play on the famous example of the quantum uncertainty principle ‘Schrodinger’s cat‘, in which a cat in a box may or may not be dead and is basically held to be both until the box is opened to find out.

Except the Tories have one-upped the theoretical cat by being in both states simultaneously in plain sight, no box required.

Jeremy Corbyn was long smeared as not ‘effective opposition’. It was always nonsense, but his new post-election, post-Glastonbury stature now towers so far above that of his opponent that he is pushing the Tories to historic levels of pandemonium and disarray.

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  1. Hahaha, I love this bit…

    “Except the Tories have one-upped the theoretical cat by being in both states simultaneously in plain sight, no box required.”


  2. This Tory/DUP/Loyalist paramilitary coalition is a corrupt shambles from top to bottom.

    CCHQ clearly stands for Conservative Chaos Head Quarters.

  3. The Tories voted against Labour amendment after some of them said they public sector deserved a rise.

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