Video: #BBCR4 tries to claim #Glastonbury2017 BOOING for Corbyn

As Labour MP Chris Williamson pointed out, BBC Radio 4’s hourly news bulletin has tried to claim that there were boos for Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury yesterday:

Although the main 6pm and 10pm bulletins focused on Corbyn’s ‘rock star’s welcome’ from one of the biggest crowds in Glastonbury’s history, it seems the shorter hourly updates in between were seeking to convey a more alloyed impression, even though the few boos that occurred clearly were not aimed at Corbyn but at a rather more… orange target:

Corbyn had referred to Trump when reading a sign that said ‘Build bridges, not walls’.

It seems Radio 4 was paying attention – but to that bastion of impartial news, The Daily Telegraph, rather than actual events:

ddhzmgoxcam7hys But you only have to watch and listen to footage of the event to know that the boos were at each mention of Trump:

while Corbyn met with unalloyed acclaim from well over 100,000 people:


Chris Williamson told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s absolutely ridiculous how transparently desperate these attempts are to detract from Jeremy Corbyn’s achievement in inspiring huge numbers of people of all ages to be not just interested in politics but enthusiastic, passionate about it. He clearly doesn’t fit into that Establishment box of ‘they’re all the same’ and that’s got a lot of people very, very worried.

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  1. There was a few boos for ‘tess’ in Liverpool, yesterday. And they could be clearly heard. A bit like just about everywhere else she goes in public.

    Is radio 4 gonna make an issue of that, I wonder?

    1. I did some research and found that the cost of the Glasto ticket equates to £50 per day (approx) over 5 days. Seems reasonable.

      As for the wall, the Tories and their supporters have now publicly distanced themselves from beer, fun, sunshine, solidarity and great music… So…

      … A barriet to keep these party pooping, DUP embracing extremists OUT and normal, happy people IN sounds like a good investment to me. Just saying.

  2. I thought that media hostilities for Corby have gone but as a matter of fact it has not changed yet. I have heard a number of crowds from TV News in GLASTONBURY2017 for Corbyn was 20,000. Again I thought that it was strange. As far as I saw the crowd on TV could not be that number 20,000 , now you said, there were 100,000. I believe the number of 100,000. And booing, I do not believe either. This report reminds me that the first time I went to see a Corbyn’s conference in Kilburn church, I was amazed with a number of people at least 5,000 and Corbyn’s speech was great and people did stand ovation. Yet TV News reported 500 and people got bored (not exact word but some sort). How irresponsible a reporter was! So unprofessional and no self-respect unless Media bosses wanted this way. So, we still have to watch out Media and be careful. We should demand their responsibility for their profession and self-respect. English journalism lost integrity and professionalism. They became dog for their employer, shame!

  3. As Andrew Neil commented on his Thursday night this week to Posh Tory Boy will you say you’re a Tory when at Glastonbury?
    Maybe he couldn’t help himself and let a really quite one out, BOO that is!

  4. Wishful thinking from the BBC, overpowered their hearing ability.

    The BBC News is a total farce, the sad thing is they persist not caring about the long term damage they are doing to what was one of Britains great creations, when the Tories are ousted the first job is a wholsale replacement programme, from top to bottom, it is riddled with Tories.

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