Cheering Tories say we don’t deserve opinion as they cut rescue services pay

A very revealing exchange on Twitter between journalist Paul Mason and Tory MP Gary Streeter following the Tories’ shameful decision on Wednesday to vote down a pay increase for public sector workers, including the same firefighters, police and NHS workers they were praising to the heavens just a couple of weeks ago.

The Tories didn’t just do it, they cheered as they did:

Earlier in the evening, they were at pains to paint themselves as defenders of public sector pay – as long as they didn’t actually have to do anything about it.

Like vote, for example:


The ‘political game’ was a call to lift a 1% pay cap on the pay of not just our emergency services but also of the millions of public sector workers who keep our society running. This hypocrisy drew justified fire from Paul Mason:

mason mercer.png

Mason’s outrage caused Streeter to abandon any attempt to cover his Tory arrogance and let the truth slip out:


According to Streeter, it’s not even just offensive to call the Tories out on the hypocrisy of their behaviour. We don’t deserve a voice.

Mason called it right:

If there are any Tory MPs left with any humanity, they need to make themselves seen in the next Queen’s Speech amendment vote today and bring down this government for the sake of all of us.

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  1. Nurses firefighters and the police should laugh at a Tory when they call upon them

  2. We all know, with heavy hearts, that Streeter is just another Tory, who will have no problems about lying and still voting for the continuation of crushing the working class. There are another 300+ of them in the HoC and not all in the Tory party. It is so hard to face the reality of this but we must, and we must get angry too. We must take to the streets on 1st July to draw that line for them to see – a line of a million

  3. In a way he’s right! Time to stop expressing ourselves on social media and take to the streets! Starting with Saturday’s demo, followed by general strike! These people only have respect for ££££s, time to really hit them where it hurts

  4. Why does he think he deserves a voice. He is answerable to the electorate but like most Tories forgets that once he’s in office. The arrogance is unbelievable. I hope the people in his constituency get to know what he thinks of them

  5. It’s just been on bbc radio murkeyside at 12noon – Conveniently or conspicuously – there was NO cheering on that report. And it went on for about a second or two after bercow read the result…Muted murmurings, obviously dubbed over from another vote

    BBC – Molesting children with tory approval. Scum.

  6. Radio Murkeyside ‘philips phone-in’ emailed about their censorship – Bet they won’t read it out though.

    The bbc’ll never get a penny outta me. Never.

    1. For anyone interested – Philips DID read it out just before the 1pm news bulletin yesterday.

      BUT – he denied that they didn’t play the cheering from the toerags; saying it’d been played hundreds of times all over the BBC since the result was given…Except he meant only the part when Bercow read the result when there was murmurings in the background – not when the MP’s first announced it.


  7. I’ll just post what I believe to be a fact on nurses’ pay.


    Half of NHS staff will see an average pay increase of 4%.
    Correct for 2016/17 according to the NHS Pay Review Body, although we haven’t seen the figures in full. Pay levels have been frozen at 1%, but individuals will be entitled to more money as they move up pay bands.”

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