Video: Theresa May lies outright to Parliament over #Grenfell #cladding

During PMQs this afternoon, Theresa May was challenged by Jeremy Corbyn (who by common consensus thoroughly outclassed her yet again) on the Tories’ enormous cuts to local authority funding and the dangers they have created. The Tories didn’t like being confronted with the truth of their actions:

Typically, Theresa May dodged any semblance of an answer to the question of funding. Instead, she tried to answer a question that hadn’t been asked, about who was in government when cladding began to be used on tower blocks.

And, again typically, she screwed even that up – and lied outright to the House:

May claimed that the cladding of tower blocks began under Tony Blair’s New Labour government. She misled the House by about twenty years – as this 1984 video shows, it in fact began under Margaret Thatcher during another period of Tory cuts to local government funding:

Before the Tories began the degradation of Parliament by allowing various ministers to remain in position even after lies and other offences, lying to the House of Commons used to be an automatic resignation offence.

Theresa May has no honour. If she did, she wouldn’t have risked peace in Northern Ireland by getting into bed with the hard-right, paramilitary-linked DUP to bail her out after her abject general election failure. So she won’t resign as she should.

But if there are any MPs among her back-benchers – or even (though unlikely) her front-bench team – that still have a sense of honour, they ought to be giving serious thought to voting with the Labour Party on its public service pay amendment this evening.

If May won’t do the decent thing herself, others in her party need to do it for her – and bring down a dishonest government led by a lying PM.

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  1. When did they start using cladding that wasn’t fireproof, and how did they get away with it? The cladding in the 1984 documentary still, if I remember rightly, is in the Springburn area of Glasgow. Why hasn’t it gone on fire, when cladding fitted last year at Grenfell burned like a blast furnace?

  2. For all of you idiots who voted this bitch in is that who you want a weak old liar who can’t even give to the NHS yet she can fork out 1.5 billion or million whichever amount to fund a minority government which is a disgrace

  3. Thatcher almost destroyed the Building industry for the same reason as she hated the Miners – she was the beginning of the end for building regs – “”Business must uncontrolled; “” Sheer stupidity, but then that’s the Tories… if it is stupid they do it…

  4. All honesty among politicians ended with Thatcher. May has just taken it one step further by being so brazen about.

  5. Whatever May touches dies. That how it is now. She has to go the Country’s sake. She has to know. This is not only May’s act but her surroundings. I read an article Sunday Times, she is kind and police, that I could not see from her performance especially against Jeremy. So rude and bully that image I have had from her. But the article continued that she has no intellectual capacity hence she was afraid of Jeremy for TV debate. The article sounded that she has no ideology nor principal that means she has no core to stick which is essential as Principal. She reads when she debates provided documents which was written by others. That is the reason why she looks cold and motionless as she cannot provide any answer improvised. Can the Nation allow her to continue leading the Country?, is insane. She is wounded animal would do anythings to save herself, together with her wounded followers (members of Conservative, advisers and supporters) would do anything to save themselves, too. The Country is in great risk to be ruined and weakened. It is always the case that other Countries are alway watching and seeking opportunities to invade weakening countries, mentally and physically in order to make further damage to countries. Now UK is in this condition. Further damage would be made from outside if we are not careful.

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