65% of public agree with Corbyn on terror causes #GE17

As the SKWAWKBOX showed this afternoon, MI5, MPs and even Tony Blair agree with Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning that the UK needs to change its behaviour internationally to maximise the security of its people. Labour under Corbyn will commit to those changes.

Just as importantly, it seems that the British public massively agree, as Adam Payne of Business Insider and the YouGov poll he tweeted demonstrate:

This is a huge public endorsement of not only Corbyn’s policy approach but also of his decision to make the speech. Considering that May still clings to claims to be better-regarded on security issues – ludicrously, given the threat she represents to our national security and her swingeing cuts to police numbers and resources – a perhaps incongruous saying springs to mind:

Corbyn just parked his tanks on May’s lawn.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that connecting terror attacks to UK policy was ‘outrageous’ – it seems she is as out of touch with public and expert opinion as her boss is.

Considering that Theresa May was already running so scared of Corbyn’s surge that she tried desperately – and failed – to extend the suspension of campaigning into next week, May will be glad that she’s at a summit in Europe so she can hide the meltdown she must be experiencing from the electorate.

But it seems the public is getting wise to her nonetheless.

Here’s that video with part of Corbyn’s speech again, so you can see and hear (or read, as it’s subtitled) exactly what it is that so much of our population agrees with:

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    I’d be more surprised if there’s any weight of Public Opinion NOT agreeing with Corbyn now! The evidence is clear! Bombing foreign Countries breeds long-term hatred. It fuels terrorism!!!!

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