May to police: “stop scaremongering, we’re safer than ever” #GE17 (video)

As the backlash builds against Theresa May for her attempts to ride Monday night’s tragedy for political gain when she is responsible for the ‘dangerous’ weakening of our police and emergency resources, yet more damaging footage is emerging to show the wilful arrogance with which she, as Home Secretary, rode roughshod over the warnings and protests of the police about the likely consequences of her policies.

May spoke to the Police Federation – the nearest that police are allowed to a union – as Home Secretary in 2015. Her tone can most kindly be described as condescending as she lectured them and accused them of ‘scaremongering’.

And told them that the UK, in spite of her cuts – which she vowed to continue – was,

Safer than it has ever been.

May’s hubris caused her not only to ignore but to ridicule the warnings of experienced police officers.

And it weakened the defences of this country.

In a Home Secretary, such arrogance is a disaster. In a Prime Minister, it is a threat to our national security.

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(To see a longer excerpt from May’s speech, click here)


  1. I saw her confrontational meeting with the police federation.
    She was booed and jeered but stuck close to what she came to say.
    YET she became the LEADER of her small minority CON PARTY, that holds the rest of us, In CONTEMPT!
    Not long to go before she gets the toe of the golden boot right up the crack of her arse!

    1. Of course they are – they know exactly how to line their own pockets! There’s an important difference between competence and the will to act in the public interest. Note also that the general public economy that the self-employed, small businesses, coöperatives, charities, and public services see is very different from the ‘big money’ economy that the corporations, investment bankers, and Tory politicians see.

    1. Wow, astonishing! Yes people, share this too!!
          So both videos are 2015 – can we establish whether “our country is safer than it has ever been” came before or after that Greater Manchester Police officer’s moving speech? If it was after this speech then it shows even less compassion. But even if it was beforehand, we’re about 2 years on from that powerful alarming speech yet she has blundered onwards with her failing régime …no, actually, ‘régime of failure’ is more accurate. Her succeeding régime of failure!

      1. Okay so, that BBC article is dated May 20th, but isn’t specific as to say ‘earlier today’, ‘yesterday’, or some date a few days previous, but nonetheless, I think that both video clips are from the same conference, the Police Federation Conference 2015 in Bournemouth, so establishing their exact chronology would require more precise timing than that of the BBC article.     Having now read that article, clearly it’s too busy pushing its scaremongering narrative (which funnily enough, now sounds like a narrative that highlights her outright failings to keep us safe!!) to care about journalistic details such as times.
        http://bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32806520 (no HTTPS)
            If May said those piercing words after having just heard that Greater Manchester Police officer’s moving speech then it shows how cursed she is. And even if it immediately preceded a precomposed speech, anyone with morals, upon learning of information that directly contradicts what they are about to deliver, would postpone delivering their speech until they’ve amended it, or would amend it on-the-fly (oh wait… PMQs repeatedly demonstrates that May is unable to improvise her words, instead relying on precomposed ‘answers’ to questions that were not the ones asked), or would just cancel altogether. If she said those cold words beforehand then I’d expect to see an apology to the Police Federation upon learning that the claims that she dismissed as “scaremongering” have real substance behind them.

  2. You really didn’t need to put that last sentence on a loop. Zero repetitions is freaky enough. This is sinister!
        And this footage is damning – hopefully people will wake-up to the fact that the only way to prevent the kind of tragedy we suffered on Monday evening is to remove this demon from office!! So let’s not miss the chance to do so on June 8th!!!

  3. Heh, the penny dropped last night that “POLFED” stands for ‘Pol. Fed.’ – Police Federation. When I first saw it, I thought it was some verb that I didn’t know about, as in: ‘May was polfed!’ – it sounds like it should be one!! 😆

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