YouGov (!) gives two huge reasons for Labour poll surge #GE17

We live in interesting times.

If you want cast-iron evidence that Labour’s polling surge is real and why it’s happening, polling company YouGov (owned by Tories) just provided it, with two tweets of their research into voter attitudes toward the policies of the two main parties following their manifesto launches.


YouGov published charts on Twitter of two polls they had conducted, mapping changes in the attitude of the electorate. One showed attitudes toward Tory policies and their credibility, before and after their policy launch:

The other showed the same data but with regard to Labour policies:

These changes certainly mean that Labour’s manifesto leak – if it was planned – was a stroke of genius.

Of course, how anyone can still think Labour’s policies are anything else but well thought through, when Labour’s policies are cogent and fully-costed, while the Tories’ manifesto is a mess of uncosted vagueness and grasping damage is hard to fathom. But prejudice and the relentless mainstream media narrative surely carry a lot of blame.

Of course, these results will have been weighted by YouGov – and as electoral expert John Curtice said after the local elections, the results there suggested that weighting was inflating Tory results by as much as ten percent, so it’s possible or even likely that Labour’s real results are substantially higher than shown above.

Regardless, Labour are now the only party with a chance of government that has serious, financially-literate policies to genuinely change this country for the better – and the more people who hear about them, the greater Labour’s surge is going to be.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    An example of Tory duplicity
    DementiaTax is going to be capped, says May
    How much, is it £300,000 £350,000?
    Says May, “Vote for me on June 8th, and I’ll tell you, after I’m elected, how much you’re capped!”
    She takes all OAPs for fools…it’s lost her millions of votes, I hope!

    1. If its capped, then it will mean that the people with the lowest priced assets above 100K will lose the most. If the cap was set at 100K max and say you had a house worth 200K then your effective “tax” rate would be 50% (left with 100K). If you had a house worth 500K then the rate drops to 40% (left 300K). If its worth 1Mill (1000K) then the rate is 20% (left 800K)…. oh and at 1Mill you’d still come under the inheritance tax threshold, so you could pass on the whole 800K to your kids.

      It surely would have been better to have kept the IhT threshold the same, and perhaps adjusted the rate (or added a banded system that has a lower rate for lesser valued amounts) so that the richest paid the most… oh and make sure that the loopholes were removed, so the likes of the 7th Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, (and others like him) can’t inherit 9Billion and avoid the IhT by using a trust.

  2. I’m being extra-cautious and wouldn’t take anything YouGov issues for public consumption on face value. Seven years is a long time to infect and toxify every corner of the apparatus of polling, elections and so-called regulation.

    There’s good reason to believe that in addition to the unpursued, unenforced #toryelectionfraud, the highly dubious election result in May 2015 wasn’t all it seemed. Whatever was behind this curious outcome has had plenty of time since to bed in.

  3. I for one, agree wholeheartedly, there is a link between what’s gone and going on with our wars in the MIDDLE EAST.
    Jeremy is being held up by BLUNDER WOMAN, HER CON PARTY, those on the right in politics and SURPRISE THE MEDIA!
    They, just can’t EXCEPT THERE’S A LINK!
    The POLICE, have had a MASSIVE breakthrough with their investigations.
    It’s long gone that past Governments should take responsibility for their ACTIONS!
    Instead of pointing the FINGER at Jeremy and blaming him for the decisions they made and make, in their war against TERRORISM!
    He is so right when he says “THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM IS NOT WORKING”.

  4. «Seven years is a long time to infect and toxify every corner of the apparatus of polling»

    Most of the PLP must be thinking given the polls results that a few million fanatical trot entrysts have infiltrated the Labour electorate. Perhaps what is needed is a law that extremist votes are not counted as valid at election time. 🙂

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