Video: MI5, MPs, Blair agree with Corbyn on security. Tories claim we’re all safe #GE17

As the Establishment media machine goes into overdrive today to try to rescue Theresa May from the roosting chickens of her cuts to police numbers and resources – and the arrogance that accompanied them – it’s becoming clear that the massive weight of evidence is against any attempt to spin May’s behaviour and decisions into acceptability.

There is a concerted attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning as opportunist or insensitive, as if May should have a free pass after she was warned by Corbyn, police and security experts months ago that her police cuts risked exactly the kind of tragedy we saw in Manchester on Monday night.

But MPs and even the notoriously self-justifying former PM Tony Blair have come to exactly the conclusion that Britain’s foreign policy and actions led to the rise of ISIS and other terror groups – making Corbyn’s statement today that securing this country requires a change in foreign policy into absolute and obvious common sense:

In 2016, the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee published their conclusion from their investigation into the beginnings and rise of ISIS – and attributed direct responsibility for the growth of ISIS (or ISIL as it was then often called) to ill-advised and poorly-planned UK intervention:

cfasc 2016

Here’s what the media said about it:


The head of MI5, Stella Rimington, was similarly direct with regard to UK actions in Iraq:


Even Tony Blair, always keen to portray himself in a flattering light, could not avoid the admission:

By contrast, Tory spokesman Johnny Mercer attempted to deflect responsibility and defend the so-called ‘war on terror’ that all the above admit got us where we are.

Mercer told the BBC – some might say dismissively – ‘yes, one got through in Manchester‘ and – remarkably – insisted that we’re all safe:

Corbyn demonstrated leadership today in telling UK people the truth – and what he’ll do about it. And those genuinely ‘in the know’ agree with him, as the above quotes and video show.

But judge for yourself who’s right – who is a leader and statesman. Here are Corbyn’s own words from this morning:

In the opinion of the SKWAWKBOX, it’s a no-brainer.

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  1. Another “SpokePerson” Off PLANET ZOG I see

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    Geoffrey Stansfield
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  2. The Tory Borders Control Agency cuts (of £150 million) ? are Very Under reported. ..WHY? ??? They are as Significant as the Police Cuts !!! ??

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