.@Theresa_May IS the danger – no posturing now can change that #GE17

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Theresa May’s decision to put troops on our streets this morning is a naked attempt to cover for the disastrous policies she has pursued as Home Secretary and then as Prime Minister.

Like a man trying to compensate for his inadequacies by driving a big, fast car she is flagging her shortcomings to all who care to look – and like that man, driving ‘too much car’, she’s a danger to us all.

May as Prime Minister is out of her depth – and her attempts to cover her weakness are giving terrorists exactly what they want.

May is guilty. She has overseen – with direct responsibility as home secretary – the most draconian cuts to frontline police numbers ever seen, as this astonishing chart shows:

frontline police graph

Yet she lied to the public, projecting a completely-unfounded confidence – as has now been shown beyond question – that she could continue cutting police budgets and numbers with no impact on the safety of the British public:

Not only that, but there is not one word on improving police presence – and therefore our security – in the Tories vague and uncosted manifesto.

Worse than that, when asked earlier this month whether the Tories would cut the police further, May’s replacement as Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, refused to say they would not:

rudd police cuts.png

And it’s not only policing where Tory cuts have put us all in clear and present danger, as this excellent video by EL4JC shows:

The Tories’ manifesto has nothing on police numbers, border force numbers – not even on support for our armed forces veterans.

And, as Andrew Marr showed the Sunday before last, Defence Chiefs have written to Theresa May in an unprecedented warning that the Tories are ‘dangerous’ for our armed services:

Unlike the dangerously incompetent Tories, the Labour Party’s manifesto is crammed with fully-costed measures that will not only make us more secure, but also properly reward those who help keep us safe:

lab security manif

While in Corbyn, Labour has a leader with the ability to predict the consequences of international actions accurately. In 2003 he predicted that the invasion of Iraq – which led directly to the existence of ISIS – would:

set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression and the misery of future generations.

The British people face a stark and simple choice in this General Election. Elect a woman who is not only arrogant but completely out of her depth and dangerously trying to cover it.

Or Jeremy Corbyn, a man of stature and proven foresight.

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  2. Hey Skwawkbox,

    I read that Jeremy Corbyn’s office are in close liaison with Swawkbox. Perhaps then you could advise if Labour have true intention of initiating wide-spread and transparent dialogue with other foreign powers to actively promote Peace, Tolerance, Understanding, Love, Kindness and Compassion in the World? And if they do, how will they set about doing this and how will their efforts/successes or failures be presented/reported to the people? Thank you.



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