May says EU’s tough stance means we need HER!? She can’t face a pensioner!

Radio 4 afforded the SKWAWKBOX a big laugh this evening. As anyone with any sense predicted, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders are saying that no Brexit deal can give the UK terms equal to or better than EU members enjoy. No surprise.

Theresa May, in a move as opportunistically desperate as it is hilarious, was broadcast by Radio 4 this evening claiming that this ‘tough negotiating stance’ means that the UK needs to vote Conservative to put her and her party at the helm because – you’ve guessed it – these horrid Europeans need someone strong and stable to deal with them with a firm hand.


corbyn laughing

Theresa May:

  • daren’t debate Jeremy Corbyn
  • daren’t speak in public except to a hand-picked audience and without binding them to silence
  • can’t speak to a 73yo pensioner without looking hideously nerve-ridden
  • stammered and stumbled her way through yesterday’s PMQs at slightest challenge
  • has been touring a series of empty factories so that at least she has some kind of photo-opportunity without the risk of meeting those scary members of the public

And we’re supposed to vote for her because Merkel and other battle-hardened politicians plan to ‘play hardball’ in the negotiations.

Irony, satire and every associated concept just died in a Jim Jones-like mass suicide pact.

Theresa May the ‘special snowflake’ thinks tough European politicians mean we need a woman who quails at lawn-mowing pensioners and can’t face a query from one of her own voters without losing every vestige of composure.

may special snowflake

Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, has

  • faced down every challenge from within his party and without
  • weathered a ridiculous and unprecedented media onslaught
  • forced the Tories – from a position of supposed weakness – into at least thirty u-turns including some of the biggest embarrassments suffered by a government in decades, such as Philip Hammond’s humiliating u-turn on national insurance
  • makes mincemeat of May at PMQs every single week (hence why she daren’t debate him on TV)

And all with the unruffled composure of a zen master. People who are actually tough don’t talk about being tough. They just get on with it.

The UK doesn’t need a special snowflake that melts at the slightest rise in temperature and pressure. It needs someone who can go through the furnace and come out intact – and even stronger – at the other side.

It doesn’t need someone who’s trying to take everyone for mugs – like May trying to pretend she’s tough.

It needs someone who will win over those on the other side of the table because they’ll know real strength when they see it – and not Theresa May’s bluster of weakness overcompensating.

The UK needs Jeremy Corbyn – for the Brexit negotiations and everything else.

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  1. In addition to those points, Jeremy Corbyn has already begun negotiations with several EU member states and found common ground with them which will enhance and strengthen the UK’s position in the main negotiations.

  2. She loves the trumpet!
    She doesn’t have any idea how to play it!
    She needs to realise no matter what she says or does only she as the answer to her own destination.
    She doesn’t want to win, only the loss will be good enough!
    She can then fade into obscurity where she belongs.
    We have the leader and the visionary to bring this country back together again and make it a place we will all be proud of.
    The Right just don’t have the answer to lead us all together, time for a proper socialist party with Jeremy at the front!

  3. I’ve done some research and discovered that the Tories took 87 Labour seats in 2010 and 8 seats in 2015. This means Labour need to concentrate on winning those 95 seats back (as well as securing the 229 seats they have already, of course).

    The Tories took 12 LibDem seats in 2010 and 26 seats in 2015. Meaning they have 38 seats to try their best to win back.

    This is precisely why Labour and the LibDems need to form a one-off anti-conservative/sensible-Brexit alliance.

    Sources: The 2010 & 2015 “GE results breakdown” Wikipedia pages.


      Labour have 96 seats to win back from the Tories because of the Copeland by-election.

      1. D’oh!

        The LibDems have to win back 37 seats because they lost Richmond Park to Zac Goldsmith in 2010, but won it back in a by-election.

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