Hunt: “Yes, we really DO think you’re all mugs” #NHS #GE17

Jeremy Hunt gave an astonishing interview this morning on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Astonishing in its content, its hubris, its complete lack of self-awareness – and its complete contempt for the British people.

Talking about Brexit, Hunt said – with a straight face:

If we get a bad outcome, it will be terrible for the British economy. We won’t be able to lock in our recovery, there will be less money for the NHS – all of our public services.

Hunt brexit.png

Jeremy Hunt is not famous for his brains. So perhaps he thinks that everyone in the UK has the memory and mental capacity of a goldfish – and has forgotten this:

leave 350m.png

And the unseemly, desperate backtracking on the promise, which began the very next morning after the referendum result, such as this from Tory Chris Grayling:

grayling nhs.png

In other words, Hunt thinks we’re all mugs, or at least that enough of us are – and that we’ll believe his ridiculous claim long enough to vote him and his party in for another five years.

tory mug
Image courtesy of @UKDemockery

Nobody likes being taken for a mug – but that’s exactly what the Tories are doing. When people realise they’re being treated like idiots, they tend to react strongly against it.

The Tories think we’re stupid enough to believe ‘trust us on Brexit to help the NHS‘ – twice. They also think we’re stupid enough to believe them when they claim they’ve made our economy healthy when there has been yet another huge rise in foodbank use and vast numbers of people have yet to see their real-terms incomes return to where they were a decade ago.

The only way to make the Tories pay for treating us like mugs is to make them look like mugs on 8 June – and then we can all laugh at them the morning after the result.

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  1. And he could say nothing to the probing questions about why, if everything was as tickety boo as he claimed, we are haemorrhaging doctors and nurses. I thought he looked quite uncomfortable while parroting the party line.

  2. On June the 9th I will be on my high street with my pants around my ankles showing the Tory voters my arse.
    I made this promise before the election was called!
    When they loose!

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