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Interesting couple of days. Yesterday, defunct Labour MP Michael Dugher gave an interview to The New Statesman in which, along with the Canary, he ‘name-checked’ the SKWAWKBOX. He did so in an entirely negative way, of course, but since there’s history there and his departure will be Labour’s gain, it’s a badge of honour:

dugher ns

The SKWAWKBOX also received a call from the political editor of one of the major online publications who is preparing an article on ‘new left media’. We won’t spoil their thunder by naming it before they publish, but it was an interesting conversation, as the journalist said s/he wanted to talk to this blog because it’s the one that ‘all the MPs’ – and even Labour’s NEC – are talking about.

Of course, some of those MPs speak positively and some positively hate it – but that’s unsurprising, given the topics that are covered here.

S/he also seemed surprised that the blog receives no funding from the Labour leader’s office or Unite – nor from anyone else for that matter, apart from donations from its supporters – and does not host any advertising.

The information is the key thing – making sure it’s good and then getting it out there to balance what’s in public circulation against the filtered and skewed version often pushed by the BBC and others.

Changing the narrative – correcting the narrative – in other words.

But if the fact that this blog appears to be achieving a certain notoriety means more people read, or hear about, the information you’ll rarely find in the mainstream – then it’s welcome.

Watch out for the article appearing sometime over the next week or so. You’ll recognise it when you see it – and it will be interesting to see how far the way the discussion is presented fits this writer’s experience of it.

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  1. Awesome. Lets hope the mentions get more viewers looking in. I met Matthew Amroliwala many years ago, he was quite rude, dismissive and is incredibly short.

  2. To me it seems to smack of panic, but I think it will give the sites a massive boost, it also smacks of panic to me, trying to get JC as his support is massive on social media. it will not work.

  3. Maybe a change of career is on the cards for you. You are doing a better job than the MSM and they now recognise it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh well done! It will be fascinating to see what they say you said and what you did really say … we will be watching this space to read the truth of course. Keep up the good work!

  5. Well done Skwawky. Its difficult to find an unbiased news radio channel.
    BBC News is run by a man married to the Rothschild Dynasty, and I feel that the Moderaters are all Freelancers worried to keep their jobs. When putting their questions, they are always biased against JC.
    Hard to follow the election from abroad. Nice to see Jeremy is always surrounded by people, but it will be a long haul

    A VERY BAD ITCH (No matter how hard they SCRATCH, WE WON’T GO AWAY!)

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