‘Missed #opengoal’? Corbyn scores then dances on corpse of May’s #PMQs credibility

If you needed any further proof that there is media collusion to try to deflect attention from the increasingly shambolic performance shambolic performance of Theresa May and her ‘government’, you got it today.

lie we made

Labour has forced a historic and humiliating U-turn on the Tories, who have cancelled their planned increase to National Insurance for self-employed people only a week after announcing it. Here’s how one Twitter wag portrayed them:

tory u-turn

May’s attempt to pretend they’d kept their promises not to raise tax and they’d meant it were so embarrassing that she squirmed – to the contemptuous hilarity of the Opposition. It was painful to watch:

By contrast, Corbyn’s questioning was calm, pointed and understated in a way that only underlined May’s catastrophe:

May owes the people an apology for her government’s ‘chaosi, will she give one? May turns a blind eye to the ‘gross injustice‘ of ‘unscrupulous‘ corporations avoiding tax by forcing ‘bogus self-employment‘ onto hard-pressed workers – is she going to do anything about it? And so on.

May’s first two ‘answers’ didn’t even attempt any content. Normally, she attempts to keep her cool at first and then gets flustered and descends into meaningless insult-soundbites. Today, she skipped even the pretence of control and launched straight into schoolyard ‘yah-boo’ jibes that were so pathetic nobody would have been surprised if she’d ended with ‘and yer mam smells’.

Yet – within moments – there was a clearly-coordinated media chorus all shouting the evidently-prearranged line that Corbyn had somehow ‘missed an open goal’.

The video footage is above. Watch for yourself and you’ll wonder what the actual f___ they were watching – except of course they weren’t. This was a pre-agreed move designed to ensure that, no matter what, May must not be portrayed as the weak idiot she clearly looked and Corbyn must be made to appear to have failed, instead of having achieved an unprecedented victory in opposition.

Because that’s exactly what had happened – to use the media’s footballing analogy, Corbyn slammed the ball home and celebrated like Gazza in his pomp.

But the ‘ineffective opposition’ line must be held at all costs. Various ‘journalists’ made themselves look absolutely pathetic to anyone with their eyes open: George Eaton, Dan Hodges (of course), Owen Bennett, the go-to guy of right-whinger Labour MPs, Tom Gordon, Kate McCann – a Who’s Who of garbage that passes for journalism in this country’s leprous ‘fourth estate’.

The woeful Labour ‘usual suspects’ queued up as well, all too eager to show that they give a damn for neither their party nor the people by – ironically – choosing to miss an ‘open goal’ opportunity to attack the floundering government to spout snide nonsense about Corbyn – Blenkinsop, Gapes, Coyle and co.

I’m not going to show the idiotic foolishness of most of the journalists and so-called ‘Labour’ non-entities – it’s too nauseating. But Coyle’s contribution bears depicting as a perfect example of the massive lack of self-awareness of Labour’s cuckoos-in-the-nest:


No, Neil – see that ‘open goal’? That’s you missing it – along with your lamentable mates. The best Coyle could come up with as an ‘attack’ on the Tories was:


‘A huge relief‘?! My God, that will have Theresa May quaking in her Louboutins.

So, as usual, it all comes down to exposure. Those who actually saw PMQs today will know that Jeremy Corbyn won a famous victory and handed Theresa May her proverbial arse on a plate, while May yah-booed like a defeated school bully in drag.

Those who only read about it in the Establishment media, will not.

It’s up to you and me to make sure the latter get the picture. The real one, not the Establishment’s ‘Here’s one I made earlier’ confected nonsense.


  1. Couldnt agree more, went to bbcdp and was shocked, then realised they must have been watching the other pmqs! Of course lying Laura there continuing her garbage nonsense completed the picture

  2. You’re kidding right – by the end of the session Corbyn was breathlessly shouting something about Grammar schools. He was pathetic! A good leader would have destroyed May and Hammond. Corbyn left them laughing, not squirming. Pathetic, pathetic man.

    1. This policy was nixxed by the Tory right wing and the tabloids, as far as I can see. No reason for labour to celebrate.

      As one of the majority of workers who pays tax through paye I see no reason to support continued tax cuts for the self employed at the expense of funding for the NHS and pensions. Please explain why this is a victory and what jezza did to force it.

      1. It wasn’t a victory for labour, per se, but it was embarrassing for the government and could have proved an open door to push against to make the bad headlines for the Tories even worse. Corbyn missed that, and in doing so made the story as much about his weakness as anything the Tories have done. Just because you didn’t force your opponent to mis-step doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage when they do! Corbyn did worse than not take advantage though, he gave the worst dispatch box performance of any leader of the opposition i have ever seen.

    2. You obviously watched something different. Even if it were true, why are you here attacking Corbyn when you should be attacking the Tories? Why? Why? Why? You think this constant undermining of him helps? You think spreading the malicious lies and disinformation of the Murdoch press helps? It doesn’t, all you are doing is allowing yourself to be used by the right-wing establishment and spreading their dirty lies about.

      1. Why am I attacking Corbyn on a blog about his performance? Hmmmm let me see. Possibly because the man is the biggest liability to the Labour party since it was formed? You can blame the media and other MPs all you like, but the facts speak for themselves; biggest by-election victory for a sitting government in 50 years. Third behind May and “don’t know” when asked who is best for PM. Worst council election results in 35 years for an opposition. The man is a joke.

  3. Chris Leslie should have the Labour Whip removed.. his predictions for a Labour budget is on a par with Liam Byrne’s note left for Osborne.
    Who needs enemies with colleagues like that

    1. Yes and because of that idiotic joke of Byrne’s we are still wasting precious time refuting that nonsense. He loaded the gun and handed it to David Law and George Osborne, but nothing is ever said by the Blairites about that!

  4. Is there a way we can form an action squad that comes out immediately in force with the same message to refute these lies as soon as they are released in the papers? There are 1000s of us, we should be able to literally swamp twitter with corrections of the press by making individual tweets and replying to tweets tweeted by The Sun.mail, Sky or the BBC etc They can shout, but we can shout louder!

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