Dugher’s new job

The SKWAWKBOX understands that Michael Dugher, the right-wing Labour MP who has announced he will not contest his seat in the General Election, is to become the CEO of music industry body Music UK.

One can only imagine his new employers were won over by his warmth and easy charm, which will be sorely missed by the Labour Party, his local members and his constituents. Dugher is known for his sharp wit and generous humour.


Or maybe not.

This blog wishes Music UK the best of luck with their new CEO.

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  1. Jobs for the boys. Thank God he’s gone as a Labour MP lets hope Angela Eagle and her sister, Harriet Harman and her husband, Neil Kinnocks son Yvette Cooper and her husband (oh he has already gone) do the same and take Tom Watson with them!

  2. I feel sorry for the poor employees of this organisation.

    Imagine having a boss who is a bullying foul mouthed thug who blames everyone else for their own failures all the time.

    Unbearable. Staff turnover will hit the roof.

  3. Just visited the site, This is an extract from UK Music’s policy and campaigns: “UK Music also acts as a direct conduit between politicians and the music industry; formulating and delivering clear messages and from the industry for Government to act on”.

    Looks like they are looking for an insider who has influence, that might not go quite as they expect.

    1. Perhaps its all they could afford. Apparently there’s an agency called Portland that claims similar access to politicians, but it’s several pay-grades above the Dougher level.

    2. His Mossad handlers at the Israel Embassy will be using him to counteract any sympathies in the music industry for Palestinians, BDS etc and instead brainwash the British Youth with Zionist zeal.

  4. What a relief, he’s gone for good!
    You ain’t nothing but a HOUND DOG!
    DUGHER, We don’t love, we don’t want you, we don’t like you anymore, JUST walk out the DOOR!

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